Bathroom Functionality: Why Choose an Above Counter Basin?

One of the interior decor trends I’m fond of is turning the bathroom into a sanctuary. What could be better than having your own spa in the abode? For me that means having the chance to step into the comfort zone whenever I’m in need of some rest and relaxation, improving my appearance using essential oils as the best natural skincare products, or having a relaxing shower thanks to the micro-sized droplets of the handheld shower head.

For that, I don’t need to have an oversized bathroom to make the most of the spa-like transformation, but I’m not going to lie to you – I had to be creative with the choice of the bits and pieces of furnishings. This means I had to use all the storage I could in a smart way, which is why I ended up with a stylish above counter basin instead of the pedestal design I’ve been dreaming of for ages. Don’t get me wrong, it’s turned out to be an addition I’m grateful for, and I’m going to share with you why that is.

Many Design Options


There’s no one-size-fits-all kind of sink, so not surprisingly there’s a wide range of countertop basins to pick from too. When I say this I don’t just refer to the various sizes but prices, materials as well as colours. After taking a good look at all the options available at the homeware stores, I stopped feeling sorry for not getting the pedestal.

As I like to take up the shopping mission focusing on the aspect of durability, out of various materials such as vitreous china, porcelain, fireclay, glazed ceramic, tempered glass, stainless steel, I still picked out a polished concrete above counter basin for its sturdiness and impeccable finish.

Not to mention, as a bonus, I got that industrial feel in the bathroom that adds a special rugged decorating touch that’s balancing the delicate look of the low-maintenance and budget-friendly sheer curtains. If durability isn’t your priority, and you care about ease of cleanliness more, stainless steel is a nice option.

Many Installation Options

Concrete Sink

Yes, I was surprised with this too since I thought I’d be rather limited with my installation. As I needed to use up all the space I could, as best I could, I chose to add the basin above counter on top of the free-standing counter, though I might even add it over a wall-hung soon to save up more floor space if I decide to have another change in the bathroom. Those who don’t care much about space, or don’t want to use a vanity, can opt for something on the stylish side like a wall-hung shelf for a more open feel.

Flexibility with the Installation

vessel sink

In some cases, for instance in my example with the difference in height with my husband, we needed to have the middle ground with the basin height. Unlike with other basins, this type allows you to install it at the height you see fit; you can choose a shelf or vanity in a design that differs from the regular to add the sink.

Flexibility with the Use

wash clothes in above counter basin

Along with this, you can count on convenient use thanks to the bowl-like shape of the above counter basin which prevents splashes that lead to slipping accidents and bigger bathroom floor cleanups.

Having this in mind, it’s one of the most useful designs because you can repurpose it as the basin for any kind of wash besides your usual daily washes. I personally like to use it for doing some laundry by hand, especially when removing stains, or giving back certain clothing pieces the brightness they’ve lost. Of course, to do so I needed to think of the tapware also, so I ended up choosing the tall model.

I know others have used such sinks to give their pets, or even their babies, refreshing and relaxing baths. It doesn’t take long to see how beneficial this is considering it helps you cut down on expenses you’d have with paying professional groomers or purchasing a special baby tub. If you’re into gardening, the sink is of help with quicker wash-up of the planters, pots and some of the gardening tools too.

Choosing the Countertop Sink

vessel sink

As I mentioned, there’s a vast array of this type of sinks to choose from, which may or may not complicate things for you during the purchase.

  • To avoid any mistakes, my advice is to always start from the size. Since it can be installed on a shelf and vanity, you have to first consider their size, then how much countertop space you’d be needing to store your toiletries or any other essentials you like to keep at hand by the sink.
  • In relation to the previous aspect, don’t forget to give the shape some consideration as well. As there are various shapes you can pick from, like oval and rectangle, choose them with the focus being on the amount of countertop space you can work with.
  • Lastly, pay attention to the style, colour and finish. Even if you aren’t particularly picky, and you can buy whichever sink you see fit, given that it’s got its role in the bathroom decor as a whole, pick it so that it complements the rest of the bathroom fittings.