Modern Rocking Chair: A Must for Daily Comfort

There are times when we could all do with a well-deserved rest in a luxurious resort in the middle of nature or some far off exotic place, have breakfast served in bed and enjoy daily massages in the spa. While I like the thought of this, most often for me, nothing beats the rest I get in my own home.

For that I have to thank my beloved family who are always there for me, and of course my lovely modern rocking chair which has a special place in the living room. As it’s provided me with so much comfort and far more benefits than I expected, it’s easily become my favourite furniture piece. Let me share with you all the reasons why!

A Variety of Designs

I like my interior decor eclectic so I don’t mind mixing modern with vintage styles, and the chair was just what I needed to fill up the space with a modern twist for balance with the rest of the vintage vibe. In case you don’t like it modern with clean lines, there’s modern with some retro elements in the form of a frame or upholstery.

Also, there’s a vast array of material options when it comes to choosing a modern rocking chair. For instance, if you’d like a design that’s warm and inviting, look for a wooden frame (no, it’s not like those old-fashioned granny models you’ve seen in old movies!), whereas for a modern appeal, stick to options like stainless steel. If you’re up for elevating the style and comfort of your porch too, or your yard, my advice is to focus on features that are sturdier for outdoor use.

grey modern rocking chair

Easy to Elevate the Comfort

Though my modern rocking chair is comfortable as is, sometimes I like to increase its cosiness when I’m up for a nice short nap, or like the thought of curling up and reading a book. I manage to do that with the help of a big fluffy cushion that’s great for supporting my back, and at times I pair it with the bamboo throw that serves as a decorating piece on the sofa usually and is part of my all-things bamboo collection.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the same without my fancy ottoman either, which I use whenever I’m not rocking the chair to unwind and relax, and sometimes even repurpose it as a side table for my perfect coffee mugs.

Great for De-stressing

As modern-day people, we’re all more or less familiar with stress on a daily basis and it’s not always possible to take to travelling or visiting the local spas for a de-stress session. Thankfully, with modern rocking chairs it’s easy to get your share of a release of the happy hormones endorphins which the simple process of rocking helps produce in the brain.

Regardless of what the activity is, be it watching my favourite shows on the TV or laptop, or reading books, I like to sit in the chair and rock my worries away. Need I say just a short rocking session is enough to improve my mood?

a woman sitting on a modern yellow rocking chair

Great for Quality Sleep

I never thought I’d say I appreciate chair naps but I do after investing in this one. My naps are truly refreshing, and the rhythmic motion of rocking works on the brain like a sedative to the point of improving my sleep considerably too as it’s better and longer. Before the modern rocking chair I had many nights spent tossing and turning, even after changing the mattress and choosing the bedding carefully – no more do I struggle with counting sheep as I fall asleep the minute my head touches the pillow.

Great for Parents and Babies

My only regret with designer rocking chairs is not having bought one earlier because of how useful they are with parenting. I’ve heard from others that they can be particularly helpful in providing relief for pregnant women because the rocking eases the discomfort at the lower back as it increases the activity of the muscles in this area.

In addition, it also proves to be essential with easing labour pain, and the abdominal pain women with C-section come to experience. Though I didn’t get to use it during pregnancy or while recovering from the birth, I managed to use it to my advantage during those long nursing sessions at night and was particularly surprised with how it allowed for better milk flow.

woman sitting on a rocking chair with her baby

If there’s one feature I’d like to point out, it’s the padded arms of the modern rocking chair. They’re ideal for comfort when holding the baby which is why they’re useful for parents who bottle-feed too.

I especially recommend the chair for colicky babies I must add, since the simple rocking movements are crucial for calming them. Now that my little ones aren’t so little anymore, they’re still fond of the chair and sometimes curl up in my arms and fall asleep like that with me. All in all, the chair has helped bring us closer together and far surpassed its purpose way back when I bought it!