Coastal Elegance: A Guide to Crafting the Hamptons Style Living Room of Your Dreams

Who wouldn’t want to spend their downtime in a living space that resembles a warm and sunny day at the beach? If that visual caught your attention, then the Hamptons style is the ideal one for you. This style is characterised by airy, bright homes with a casual yet elegant feel. It uses coastal hues such as creams, whites, blues, and light yellow to create a beachy vibe without the tackiness. Read on to learn how to implement this gorgeous style in your space.


living room with Hampton style entertainment unit in white colour

The sea is a major inspiration for modern Hamptons furniture design. These pieces take you back to fishing villages in simpler times long ago. They look simple and natural, with a hint of shabby chic. This aesthetic is beautifully displayed in handcrafted Hampton style entertainment unit in a white or wooden finish. These exquisite pieces of furniture blend classic charm with a touch of modern elegance, so they’re the perfect focal point for your living room.

The clean lines and smooth surfaces add some understated glamour to your home. The pristine white hue gives off a feeling of freshness and spaciousness to the room. Moreover, a Hamptons TV unit in whitewash wooden finish also brings warmth and character, giving your living room a cosy and inviting atmosphere. The subtle wood grain details add a layer of texture and create a harmonious balance between the sleekness of the design and the organic feel of the wood.

What sets a Hampton style entertainment unit apart is not just the aesthetic appeal but also the practicality. Designed with the modern lifestyle in mind, units like these come with ample storage space. You can avoid the living room clutter and say hello to organised bliss. The cupboards discreetly tuck away clutter and provide a neat look to your space. Meanwhile, the open middle section lets you curate a personalised display and adds a touch of your personality to the room.

How Do I Choose a TV Unit?

If you’re looking to buy a TV unit in Hampton style, there are several things you should consider to ensure you make the right choice:

  1. TV size: Make sure that the unit can accommodate the size of your TV appropriately. Measure the width, height, and depth of the device, and compare it with the dimensions of the unit to make sure it fits;
  2. Room size: Consider the size of your living room or entertainment area. Your Hampton TV unit should complement the space without overpowering it;
  3. Storage options: Look for units that provide enough space for your media devices, gaming consoles, DVDs, or any other accessories you want to store. Adjustable shelves are beneficial for accommodating various items;
  4. Assembly: Check if your Hampton unit requires assembly and if the necessary tools and instructions are provided. Consider whether you can install it yourself or if you need professional help.


Designing your space in the Hamptons style means capturing that breezy coastal elegance. Picture your walls adorned with wainscoting and tongue-in-groove panelling which gives the room a touch of classic charm. Imagine looking up to coffered ceilings that add depth and sophistication to the overall ambiance. These aren’t just details, but nuances that transform your home into a haven of enjoyment. Don’t forget the subtle yet impactful decorative cornices that frame your ceilings with understated luxury. Picture your space bathed in natural light, bouncing off these meticulously crafted details, creating an atmosphere of coastal serenity.

Wall Décor

close up of Hamptons inspired wall art

Wall prints that depict delicate florals and serene fauna bring the outdoors in with a touch of coastal allure. This reflects the Hamptons’ laid-back sophistication. Soft hues dominate the palette and mirror the soothing tones of the beach and sky. In Hampton style, it’s all about creating an atmosphere of calm, and your wall art plays a pivotal role in setting that tone. Stay away from fiery reds and vibrant oranges, and instead, opt for a palette that harmonises with your space. Subtle blues, greens, and neutrals mimic the coastal landscape and foster an environment that feels refined and relaxed.

Colour Palette

Think of airy beiges that echo the sandy shores, inviting you to unwind in the lap of comfort. Crisp whites, reminiscent of ocean foam, infuse your space with brightness that encapsulates coastal living. Introduce subtle greens, mirroring the lush foliage that graces the Hamptons landscape, creating an oasis of calm. Delicate blues draw inspiration from the sky meeting the sea, adding a touch of sophistication to your surroundings. And then, there are rich, natural wood finishes that give your home a warm embrace. They create a perfect balance against the cool tones and help you craft an atmosphere that feels bright, breezy, and effortlessly elegant.


Timber flooring brings warmth and breezy sophistication that defines the Hamptons style. This material grounds your space in a cosy, natural embrace. Alternatively, consider the timeless allure of natural stone beneath your feet. It’s a choice that echoes the coastal landscape and adds a touch of understated luxury. To elevate the comfort, bring in jute or cotton rugs that soften the floor and weave in a touch of coastal casualness. These rugs, in their earthy tones and natural fibres, not only complement the flooring but also invite you to kick off your shoes and revel in the laid-back charm of Hamptons living.