Bathroom Upgrade: Sheer Curtains, the Low-Maintenance and Budget-Friendly Option

I don’t know about you but I’m one of those people that get in need of change more often than not. It takes me a lot of courage to admit it because I’m used to saying I’m a creature of habit, yet something as habitual as the sight of my surroundings is enough to make me feel like I need some sort of escape.

Watching the many home design shows like Fixer Upper, the Block and Brother vs Brother doesn’t help either as I’m reminded by all of the things I’d like to see in my home, immediately to be brought back to Earth by the thought of my budget. All I can say is thank God for curtains! They’re a budget-friendly solution to a boring interior and it’s one I’ve made use of recently.

Wondering what to do with the bathroom to update the d├ęcor a bit without ending up spending more than I’d like, it occurred to me the window area seemed a bit lifeless as opposed to the rest of the room so I decided to treat it with some transformation.

It wasn’t easy choosing because there are many options to consider such as sheer curtains bathroom related to the variety of blinds, like roller, venetian and plantation shutters. In the end, I chose the sheers because they’re curtains, and go well on their own as well as in a combination with other window treatments, so for now, I’m satisfied with only them.

If I decide to upgrade again soon or want to enhance the light control and privacy further, I might pair them with plantation shutters. For the time being, I’m more than happy with the result I’ve even taken some bathroom selfies to celebrate!

What’s not to love about them: they’re as stylish as can be, they immediately made the bathroom feel and look airy and bright, so much it even fools me it’s gotten more spacious.

I also enjoyed choosing them and much to my surprise the variety of sheer curtains bathroom designed abound in both colours and fabrics. That’s what makes them a great option for anyone looking for a warm, cosy and elegant appearance along with low maintenance.

All it takes to dust them off is passing over them with a duster brush but if you need a more thorough cleaning soaking them up in cold water with a mild detergent would do the trick. You won’t even have to wait more than ten minutes, it’s enough to refresh them.