Adjustable Standing Desks: The Key to Home Office Comfort

The year of 2020 was weird, to say the least. And I’m glad we’re waving it goodbye. Wanting to see the good in everything, I still can’t complain I got to spend more time than ever before in the company of my husband and kids.

And though I don’t want to admit it that openly, I kind of enjoyed working from home more than I expected I would. Getting to set my own working hours, deciding on when my break would be and focus on playing with the kids instead of work, meant that all of a sudden, I got a great deal of flexibility at hand.

height adjustable standing desk

This was helpful with my productivity until a problem arose: I started slouching a lot, which led to headaches, backaches, and lack of quality of my work and I found myself having to wear shoulder braces to improve my posture. In my personal life, I was getting all moody, not sleeping well, so you can guess I wasn’t that fun to be around for my family.

As much as it seems comfortable to make the bedroom bed, the living room sofa, and the dining table into office spots, eventually you get tired of them too, and the worst is you still end up curled up and hunching over the laptop. What was there for me to do when I couldn’t go back to the workplace? I could bring the workplace at home!

Investing in Ergonomic Solutions

Though at first I was told I’d work from home only for a couple of weeks, these turned into a couple of months, and then more months, so it became clear I was in desperate need for ergonomics otherwise my work would be at the detriment of my health. On figuring out what to buy, I realised what I mostly missed about work in the office was my ergonomic desk, so I got on the quest of exploring the range of adjustable standing desks.

ology bench adjustable computer desk

If you don’t have the money to invest in all things ergonomic, my advice is to start from the very piece you need the most. Perhaps for you, an ergonomic chair equipped with various features is a must. Or, maybe you already have these two basic components (desk and chair) and could do with accessories like seat cushion for support or adjustable monitor arms to prevent neck and eye strain, and a vertical mouse at the benefit of your wrists and elbows.

If you’re dealing with poor blood circulation and your feet are swelling from spending too much time sitting at the desk, besides getting a footrest, my suggestion is to consider buying a height-adjustable desk as well.

The Benefits of a Sit to Stand Desk

choose a perfect adjustable computer desk

Right now maybe you’re still giving it some thought whether or not it’s worth to invest in such a desk. After experiencing the various benefits myself that I’ve only read about prior to the purchase, I can confirm it truly makes a great purchase.

If you want to make the most of it, consider the kind of design is best for you, taking into account there are various on the market. I enjoy my adjustable desk, but perhaps you would make better use of a sit/stand workstation added on your existing desk.

You’re More Active

office height adjustable standing desk

Besides providing you with a greater amount of flexibility when you’re working, since you have the chance to alternate between sitting and standing whenever you get tired from any and change the height of the desk at the click of a button, they inspire you to be more active. As I no longer have my colleagues around, I now stay on the move by going over to check on my kids and husband, having a little chat and change of scenery, grabbing some snack and water, and then find my way back to the office.

You’re More Productive


Before acquiring my height adjusting desk, I never thought I’d be able to work while standing and be as creative yet much to my surprise this change actually helped with the quality of my work too. When you don’t have to slouch or feel discomfort, you don’t get moody, headaches and backaches go away and you’re better able to focus on what you’re doing. If you want to become more productive and efficient, this is the ideal solution.

You’re Healthier

You may not see it until it’s too late but spending hours and hours of your time sitting puts you at greater risk of obesity, and developing certain diseases like those related to the heart, diabetes, and even cancer and early death. I’m not normally the kind of person who gains weight easily, but I’ve noticed belly “love handles” from the sedentary lifestyle, and the adjustable standing desk came in handy with eliminating this stubborn fat.

standing-conference-stand up adjustable workstation

In addition to this, such desks reduce the risks of becoming obese and gaining weight. In terms of blood sugar which tends to get higher after meals especially when you sit behind the desk, there have been studies that proved the positive effects of standing after lunch. After finding this out, I no longer sit after the meals, I put the desk up and work about an hour on foot. I can finally say I’m enjoying my work from home to the fullest!