Oh Baby! A Guide to Heartwarming Gifts for Newborns

They’re here and they’re perfect! At 3.4 kg and 49.9 cm long, the baby boy or girl has arrived. This enthusiasm isn’t just for mommies and daddies. Grandma, grandpa, aunty and uncle, cousins and cousins twice removed are all excited for this new bundle of joy. With this new little human, there is much parents need! Let’s see some great from-the-heart gifts for the little guy to keep for years.

Personalised Gifts

Personalised baby gift box
source: fauveandco.com.au

The best gifts are those that create a personal connection with the receiver. That said, wonderfully arranged baby personalised gifts with the little one’s name on it, their birth date or other cute details are something people always love receiving.

The best way is to go with a personalised baby gift box. These can come in a variety of colours depending on what you want for your baby. Girl gift boxes have mostly pink inside and boys’ mostly blue. Neutral gift boxes come in tan and grey colours. These are fit for any style the parents desire.

These gift boxes can come with a different theme. May it be bath time, eating time or just cute baby stuff, all inside is useful. But what personal thing to include inside?

Inside you can include a fluffy, squeezable personalised cotton knitted blanket in blush, blue, grey, or beige with their name embroidered on it. Choosing one made of 100% cotton is best for the newborn as his skin is so sensitive. They can’t speak yet so we have to be their voice. We want soft, and so do they.

In addition to this beautiful custom blanket, a personalised teether, and a bib for eating with a delicate design are all great ideas. You can also add a carefully crafted baby brush made from goat hair and natural wood just to keep the little hairs in line without harming the little one.

How about a more specific gift box for a baby? A bath time gift box makes bath time less of a chore. You can find them in a variety of colours. Many include a personalised cotton hooded towel made from cotton to keep the little one feeling good.

A bath time set wouldn’t be complete without a rubber toy, and 100% natural baby wash and soap. Keeping up with the theme of bath time, another useful gift for a newborn is a bathtub designed for a newborn. These can be anything from a plush bath pad to a small tub with a place for the little one to lie safely.

These types of personalised baby gifts will last and can carry on from generation to generation.

Why Choose Embroidery Over Ironning on Letters?

Embroidery is stitched thread by thread onto a piece of fabric. This strong attachment isn’t something that will come off easily with a few too many washes. Iron-on letters are quick but they do not last long. By choosing an embroidered gift you are giving a gift with care and quality.

Night Time Gifts

All babies do is eat, sleep and potty. Sounds like a good life. However, as chill as their life may seem they still require 12-16 hours of sleep a day. Because they can’t tell the difference between night and day they may be awake when we want them asleep.

The blood-curdling cry of a newborn is something to send anyone into a panic. They are scared and confused. How can you help Mom and Dad make nighttime wakeups easier? Here are two unique ideas:

Night Light

Amber night light for babies
source: somnilight.com

The best lights for a newborn night light are amber and red. One night light is enough to illuminate their nursery without keeping the baby awake from fluorescent lighting.

You can find a personalized night light made with a cute little forest creature and the new baby’s name below. Keep in mind to avoid blue, and yellow lights. These made those nighttime feeds and diaper changes all the more difficult as they disturb natural sleeping cycles.

Music Box

Music box for babies
source: youtube.com

Now suppose the little one isn’t able to fall back asleep despite their parent’s attempts at feeding and changing. A personalised music box is a perfect gift to tell mum and dad you are here to support them, even in the nighttime.

Baby lullabies have been around for thousands of years. This style of music was created to help calm and soothe a baby. The most common lullabies are universal such as Baa-baa black sheep, Are you sleeping? Rock-a-bye, baby, and Twinkle, twinkle, little star. These tunes put the newborn right to sleep.

To make it more special, you can personalise this music box to the tune of your choice. In addition, you can decorate it with a sweet message baby will understand later in life.

This box will become a keepsake even as time changes and the batteries may die. Those can be replaced and the life of the music will still live on. We all know how the lullabies of our younger days can still have good calming effects on us later in life.

Let’s Get Personal

Each gift you give will be appreciated. Giving a thoughtful gift from the heart that is personalized shows the new mom and dad you are there for them and they are not alone. Babies are hard work but their little coos make it so worth it.