Nursery Posters: Add a Creative Touch to Your Baby’s Nursery

The news that you are expecting a baby starts with a lot of excitement and as time passes by, the excitement keeps growing and can be overwhelming at times. When I was pregnant, family members and friends have warned me about it, so I was looking for ways to keep up with it on a daily basis. One of the things I took the greatest pleasure in was designing and decorating our nursery.

We didn’t know if we were having a boy or girl, but we wanted art to be part of our baby’s room. My husband is a musician and I am a literature teacher, and it was important to us to share our love for art with our little one. There are many different ways to create a unique nursery, but I wanted to select nursery art that our child could grow with beyond his or her first years because as my mother pointed out – your baby will be a child before you know it. That’s when I realized, I had to create nursery art that could be kept and protected over the years.

My focus was on wall art, and even though my initial idea was to install wallpaper in the nursery room, I couldn’t decide on a theme, so I decided to go with a gallery wall. It’s a quite popular décor trend these days and it gave me the freedom to mix and match nursery posters and create the baby room I’ve always dreamed of. I believe it’s never too soon to introduce our children to beautiful art and the following are a few tips that helped me make the right choices.

Tips on How to Choose Nursery Wall Posters

Animal nursery posters

We all want the nursery to be perfect for the arrival of our baby. It’s the room where they will grow, from baby to toddler to child, therefore it’s important to create a space that can grow with them for years to come. You can choose nursery posters to help you turn the decorating process into a joyous and fun experience and create a positive space for you and your little one. Consider the posters you choose for your baby’s room as a way of introducing that new little human to new things and experiences, including animals, travels, a love of the outdoors or else.

Choose Your Colour

Gone are the days matchy-matchy, all baby blue or pink nursery rooms, instead, modern nurseries are mostly neutral and let an intentionally place a pop of colour to make a bold impact. Since I didn’t know what gender my baby will be at the time when I was decorating our nursery, I chose a unisex pallet including colours like beige, sage green and light grey that made the baby’s room look warm and beautiful.

Consider the Use of Your Space

It’s important to figure out how you are going to use the space you’ve picked for your little one. In my case, the baby room and the playroom were separated, so I selected more colourful and vibrant pieces for the playroom area. It was a risk I took at the time, which turned out to be a great choice because my baby daughter loved it. Babies love colourful patterns and shapes and they can help arouse their curiosity as well.

Children are naturally drawn to art and imagery of all types and are most inspired by things that have a real-world reference, especially things that they can see in their surroundings. In our nursery, we have wildlife art posters and my daughter always lights up when she sees an elephant or a giraffe when she’s watching a cartoon, on the prints on her baby clothes or the soft toys we chose for her. As she is growing older, I am considering replacing them with alphabet art posters and posters with numbers and turn her room and the playroom into attractive and educational corners of our home.

Consider Permanence

If you are a sentimentalist like me, then you will understand why I chose baby room posters. My little girl is three years old now and I know that soon enough I will have to change some things in her room but I don’t want to throw out the posters. Instead, I will protect and store them, so I could reuse them again someday if we decide to have another child. Also, I am sure she will be very happy to see them once again when she will be all grown up.

Choose Wall Posters Carefully

This doesn’t mean you have to choose a particular theme, instead, you can choose posters that go well together. The most important thing is to ensure they appear cohesive when placed close to each other. For example, instead of choosing only animal wall posters, I selected two animal posters and one with an inspirational quote. While the animals were interesting for my daughter, the quote was getting my attention whenever I needed a bit of inspiration in the sleepless nights.

In the end, make sure you place the wall posters out of your child’s reach. In the nursery, I put them on the wall across the cot, so my daughter could see them. In the playroom, I placed them fairly down on the wall, so she could see them when she was playing.