Brighten Up Your Home with Teal-Coloured Wall Art

Art has always been held on a high pedestal by us humans. Able to stir emotions we might not have even been aware we had and make us think, it’s no wonder paintings have such a deep root within human history, from the beginning of humankind up until today.

Through the years art has evolved, and just as many other things, has gone through a lot of different stages. Different styles were popular in different periods of time, but today, all of art’s history so far has been centralized and is equally popular.

Some people like more traditional paintings, some like modern ones, but either way, the love for art is never-ending and will always persist, as long as humans are around.

If you’re one such art lover and would like to add some wall art to your home I’d like to tell you that you’re making a great choice. Bare walls are never very interesting and make a home feel cold and empty, so by adding details, especially art prints, you’re gaining structure, warmth, and most importantly – you’re giving your home a touch of your own character.

As I said, art has gone through many changes and there are a lot of different styles, but what about predominant colours within a piece? There was a time when gold was such a colour, but today we have the liberty to choose from a vast array of different shades to enrich our interior and make it suit us best.

One of those colours is teal and I have to say, teal wall art is something else. Here’s why!

It Opens Up the Space

Teal artwork piece

Teal is one of those colours that’s between dark and bright, quite a unique shade that can evoke many memories and bring up many different feelings. For some people it’s mellow, for some it signifies happiness, and the beauty of it is – it’s all within the eye of the beholder.

However, one thing that’s quite universal about teal is the fact that it can open a space up like no other colour can. You can place teal-coloured wall art in the smallest room ever and watch it be transformed into something much bigger than it was before.

Of course, this all depends on the size and motifs used too, but still, the effect this colour holds is extremely powerful and should not be ignored. You can get gorgeous teal wall art from many different retailers, both online and in-store, but you need to make sure the piece you’re getting is quality-made, especially if it’s a print.

Teal canvas art is my recommendation for achieving the very best effect and making sure your piece will last you for a long, long time, enriching and enlarging your space all at once.

It Suits Various Styles

Teal art piece

As I said before, art has evolved through the years and has produced many different styles that were popular within their respective time periods.

However, today we can enjoy all those classic styles, but also get to see modifications of them, with artists putting their own little marks here and there to make pieces their own. This is the case with teal artwork as well.

Used to paint classic portraits and sceneries, it adds a whole new depth and dimension to what’s depicted, making the eye dive deep within the painting itself and search for the meaning.

It is also used to paint still life, often combined with other colours, to create unique masterpieces that will definitely look amazing and add some breeze in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom.

Furthermore, we have abstract paintings that are usually inspired by water or the flow of different movements as well as patterned pieces that make us want to stare at them for a long time, finding new, exciting truths over and over again.

Teal is a colour of truth, but also of mystery, making it perfect for artists to use and create special pieces that will definitely make you want to think and take a second look. If you’re looking for such a piece for your home, definitely search by colour and I’m sure you’ll run into some very interesting results.

It Enhances Other Colours

Waterfall teal artwork

Even though teal is quite a bold colour by itself it is also a very easy colour to combine with, making it a perfect canvas for any additions later on. Teal can look great with virtually any colour out there, but here are some specific colour schemes you can try out in your home, depending on what you like more.

One thing you can do is take ceramic pieces in warm colours like peach and beige, white, lacey details, dark woods, and metal accents to create a rich-looking, sophisticated, and extremely stylish space led by your teal art.

If you want to mix things up a little bit, however, you can always go for colours like hot pink and sun yellow, use lighter-coloured woods, earthy details, and lots of patterns to create a boho-style home that will feel inviting and friendly to you and anyone who walks through your door.

Hang teal-coloured wall art on solid-coloured walls in any of the aforementioned colours, or really any other colour of your choice, always following your taste and personal style while doing so. Mind the size of the space you’re planning to hang your art in as you don’t want the piece to eat up the room, but rather accent it and create a focal point for everyone to enjoy.