Simple Ways to Add a Breeze of Change in the Living Area

Have you felt like your living room has lost its lustre already? Yes, well, you’re not the only one, I’ve had this feeling too especially when the pandemic started last year in 2020, and I got to spend more time at home.

This happens even if you’ve poured all of your love and ideas into coming up with the ideal interior décor because just as trends change, you change with them. I figured the best way to honour this internal change of mine was to spice things up in this exact room. At first, I didn’t plan on doing anything major, but now I’m more than happy with the outcome. I’m going to share some of the transformations with you.

modern grey sofa bed and rocking chair for living room

I Changed the Colour Scheme

It’s no secret I’m crazy about eclectic, and this refers to the bits and pieces of furniture as much as the rest of the furnishings and colours. Perhaps the perfect example of this was my mixture of vintage wallpaper for a dose of texture, the ultra-modern rocking chair for daily comfort, plus the Nordic chairs for accents.

I decided to change the dynamics of these elements by introducing some calmness with a fancy modern sofa grey in colour. The old colourful sofa and the matching rug found themselves transferred to the guest room. Even though many think grey to be a colour that’s out of trend, it’s one of the best neutrals you can work with, in fact, because it’s versatile, it’s the easiest way to add sophistication to the abode, and you’ve got more flexibility with what you want to pair it.

Besides falling in perfectly in place with the vibrant blues of the wallpaper, it also proved to be the ideal match for the Nordic chair since it comes in green. Not to mention, it’s also a nice sight to see alongside the green of the cushions of the rocking chair.

This invited more room for enhancing the calmness of the area with the mentioned set of colours that I pulled off with decorative books and their incredible covers, vases, and a rug. Another breath of fresh air was the addition of the tropical artwork prints on the side opposite the sofa.

While I’m not suggesting the recipe for success to be getting rid of old furniture or buying a new modern sofa grey or any other colour, this is what worked for me. Perhaps this could serve as your inspiration to do something with the colours you surround yourself with on a daily basis. Colours are key when it comes to making the most out of a staycation – the same as now when many of us aren’t able to actually have a vacation.

modern sofa bed with decorative pillows shelves and artwork

I Introduced Some Shelving

Clutter is never welcome, especially not when you’re supposed to stay more at home and you feel like there’s barely any room in it for you. Even though I frequently do some essential decluttering, as it’s easy to fill up empty corners with boxes full of kids’ toys, sometimes that’s not enough to free up much-needed space or organise things.

This is where shelving steps in. One can never have enough shelves and I’ve come to appreciate them highly over time thanks to how easy they make it to put some much-needed order in the living area, and neatly showcase your beloved items.

If you’ve got a collection of books that doesn’t fit in with the bookcase, or you feel like you could move your own little succulent indoor garden with chic pots, there’s room on the shelves! This is what I’ve chosen for the space, and I’ve managed to introduce greenery while showing off my personality.

As much as I love what I’ve created so far, I have to say tropical plants have got me thinking too as they offer that needed summer feel year-round. Even if choosing a large plant, tending to its needs is pretty easy when you’ve got a stylish and beneficial self-watering planter.

To make the most of the colour scheme, and match the beautiful modern sofa grey accent I chose a matching grey for the shelving installed on the wall opposite the accent one with the vintage wallpaper. It was perfect for my husband too because he got to do some DIY work with them, and kept himself busy for a while.

If I ever grow tired of the look, I’m thinking of placing art prints on the shelving too, again with a tropical feel to add a bit of a pop of colour and texture with lush foliage. Nowadays, there’s plenty to pick from when it comes to such lovely, and most importantly affordable, artworks. In case you want to further mix things up, you could choose a shelving set differing in the sizes – this was my alternative option.