What Are the Benefits of Self Watering Planters & Pots

Unless you are retired and have all the time in the world for gardening and taking care of plants, then you are not in a position to develop a close connection to exotic flowers or other plants and keep them in your home. It would be like buying a dog because he is so cute and you just love hugging him, watching him play around your legs and bark of joy, but you do not have the time to feed him, take him for long walks in the park, play with him and bath him regularly. I think you know what follows. The same thing goes for plants; as much as you want to have them beautify your windows or rooms, they simply can’t live without your constant care. But you are employed, have two kids, scheduled errands and tons of other things you simply cannot put off.


Wait, do not reach the conclusion that you cannot own plants in your home just yet. If technology is of any help to keep a perfectly well designed and arranged home without you having to dwell upon every single thing all the time, than this is it: self watering planters. I’ve been searching the web for these out-of-this-world cool boxes, and I came across the fanciest white self watering plastic planters; perfect for my modern living room and my small kitchen balcony.

So here’s what it is all about: self watering planters work with a very sophisticated technology. They feature a water tank beneath the soil container, and a natural capillary web that draws water into the soil every time the plant needs it. Which means, all I have to do is just pour water in the fill points of either end of the planter, and not worry about it for some time! With this in mind, having the perfect plants in my home while being at work for 8 hours, making dinner when I get home, cleaning the house and prepare my kids to go to bed, sounds pretty possible to me.


I stopped doubting that these things will actually work the moment I bought my first white self watering plastic planters. The benefits of owning one are endless:

  • You can grow anything in them: exotic flowers for decorating, fruits, vegetables and herbs. Since these planters can be found in any size, it’s easy to grow almost everything and even easier to create a small garden on your balcony. Now I have mint, rosemary, parsley and sage growing on my balcony and my dishes have never been tastier!
  • The watering system is like the manufacturers put a spell on it so that I need to water the plants only once every few days or even once a week! I just need to make sure the water tank is filled with water. The root system of the plants takes care of everything else; when they’re still small and can’t reach the water, the natural capillary web in the planter distributes water through the entire soil enough to stimulate their growth little by little.
  • Plants grow so much faster in these planters! Since they don’t get too much water in the beginning and their roots are small, they automatically grow faster to reach the water in the tank. The roses I planted just a few months ago are progressing in their growth wonderfully.
  • The soil in these planters retains nutrients. I used soil which is very rich in nutrients and was surprised to see that my roses actually benefit from these nutrients. It’s because they don’t diffuse out of the planter along with the water molecules. And if you put too much water, the side jug catches it and you can easily re-use it. Everything is perfectly absorbed.
  • Finally, these white self watering plastic planters are so good-looking! The white colour and the plastic material do a perfect job in my kitchen, balcony and living room. Since they’re white they can fit in any design, and their bright colour adds a dose of freshness in the room.