Being a Pro Angler Does Not Make You Immune To Fishing Bloopers

If you are someone like me, who fishes a lot, then you have probably had a few days where things didn’t go exactly as planned. You know those days where you become the butt of those fishing bloopers videos… Even sometimes when you plan your day out to the last second and write lists and make sure that you have everything you need, you can still end up doing some pretty silly things. Today I’m going to talk about all my fishing bloopers that I didn’t manage to catch on tape, hopefully inspiring you out there who love to fish to do the same.

The first blooper I can remember off the top of my head is heading out to my favourite local fishing spot with one of my best buddies. Now some of you may not know this but some fish really like corn instead of usual bait. Well, we forgot the can of corn that day so I had this bright idea to use the canned tuna I had brought for a snack. It wasn’t the corn we wanted but it worked surprisingly well. Another trip with the same friend we also tried to open a can of corn and it burst going everywhere, it took us a long time to clean that mess up, but hey, lessons learned.

Another great story is about a fishing trip I took at about 5 in the morning off a highway somewhere. Of course, I only realized that my drain plugs for my drift boat had gotten lost along the way so I had to make some pretty fast. I managed to do that with fish cleaning gloves and some duct tape which worked just fine once I was out in the water. There have also been two separate occasions when I couldn’t find my landing net; let’s just say that both times this mistake made it extremely difficult for me to bring in some big fish!

The worst situation though was when I started taking customers and I forgot my fishing rods so I decided that we could do things a little more sporty. So we decided to craft our own hand lines, needless to say, that didn’t go down to well either. So on this trip without rods, I thought we would try our luck in a few different places. Well, when we arrived at the last destination I wahted to try out, I eased the boat into the water, unhitched it and went and parked. I was probably gone for all of 10 minutes which was plenty of time for the boat to fill up with water. So we spend the rest of the afternoon waiting for the water to drain out of the boat. At least, it’s a story I can tell my grandkids right?

I have so many more stories about fishing that should have been made into fishing bloopers videos but sometimes you just don’t have a camera ready or on hand. These are moments that you have nothing to be ashamed of, but should be prepared for. They happen to the best of us, and maybe in the moment you will feel embarrassed or annoyed, but try to remember that these are the moment that you look back on and laugh at. These are the moments that make for great stories for you to tell over the years. Fishing is a sport filled with ups and downs so embrace each moment as it comes!