Garage Storage Racks to End The Clutter Attack (In

Garage spaces seem to become a place we put everything and anything we can’t fit in our homes. Today I am to show you that organizing your space with garage storage racks and other things is not as scary as it sounds. Most of us tend to shove everything in the garage when we no longer have space or need these items as much so it can become very messy quite easily. Organizing your garage space and making use of all of it isn’t as difficult as it sounds, below I’ll go over a few ways I have learned you can get the most use out of your garage shelves and garage space.

1. Get Rid of the Clutter

The first thing you need to do is sort everything out. The best way to do this is to spring clean your garage. Pull everything out of the garage and ask yourself what you want to keep, what you want to throw away, and what you want to donate. Chances are you have probably forgotten what you even have stored away. Cleaning everything out feels really satisfying so throw things out and donate everything somebody else could use. Getting rid of my clutter really made me feel like a new person.

2. Deep Clean

Once the garage is empty this is a perfect time to really get down and make it sparkle. You can get in all those hard to reach places that were probably blocked by all your belongings. Once you have an empty space really get started on getting rid of those cobwebs, scrub the walls down, maybe try to get rid of those oil and grease stains. Nothing will make your garage look and feel fresh and organized then cleaning it thoroughly.

3. Group Your Items

Chances are you have some items that are similar to each other and serve for similar purposes. This is a great time to really group them up, put everything for gardening together, everything sports related in another pile and continue doing so until everything has been sorted. This will make things much easier for the next step.

4. Make A Plan

The next thing you want to do is to make a quick floor plan and plan out where all these items will go. You really want to utilize all the space, so this is a great time to think about what kind of storage you need to fit everything you own. Garage storage racks are great because they take everything up off the floor and create more space all while giving you the ability to see what you have and where. Closed cupboards are good but with a space you don’t use all the time you’ll probably just shove things where they don’t go. With open garage storage racks, you can easily see where everything is and put things back in their proper place.

5. Decorate

Now it’s only your garage space but you will feel more inclined to take care of the space if you make it look and feel nice. Give it a fresh coat of paint, maybe some nice d├ęcor on the walls or the door. This will make it feel less empty and less like a shed, a place that feels more homely is a place you probably want to spend more time in.

Hopefully, after reading my tips on how to organize your garage space, you will find cleaning out and organizing your garage a breeze. It’s not as difficult or time consuming as you think and getting rid of clutter will make you feel lighter on your feet. In 5 simple steps, you can have a new and fresh looking space.