Create a Unique Nursery with the Help of Baby Bamboo Bedding

Welcoming a newborn home is an incredible experience, changing parents’ lives forever. The whole process of preparing for the arrival of your bundle of joy is remarkable of its own, especially when you’re a first-time parent, but when you start assembling the nursery, that’s when all the the worrying ensues as you want the very best for your baby. It’s important to realise it’s not just the choice of furniture and patterns and colours of walls and toys that matters, but the types of bedding as well.


Considering a baby’s skin is incredibly delicate, it’s not that uncommon a sight to spot rashes, acne, or even eczema, all owing to getting in touch with synthetic bedding that’s full of toxins. If that sort of bedding is bad for grown-ups, why should it be any different for babies? When it comes to suitable choices for your little one, baby bamboo bedding is just what your nursery is missing. It’s organic, biodegradable, breathable and durable. I know, cotton can be one of the most sought after organic options too, but not that ideal for your baby when taking reduction of odour left behind into account – something bamboo is much better at.

The bamboo’s moisture absorbent properties make for a peaceful night for your bub, helping with thermoregulation by keeping warm in winter and cool in summer. There’s no doubt about comfort due to the soft and silky feeling of the bamboo to the skin. Considering there are dust mites everywhere since they prefer the warm moist home areas, they could find their way in your baby’s bed as well. While they aren’t harmful for most individuals, they can wreak havoc to the immune system of those most likely to be affected, like children and the elderly, causing allergies and asthma.


Baby bamboo bedding however is hypoallergenic, meaning it prevents dust mites from thriving in your baby’s bed as it can retain moisture up to 50% making the baby’s bed an environment not at all appealing for dust mites. Since babies sweat during their sleep, same as we all do, their bed can get in need of dryness and cleaning, but not so much when having the help of bamboo to keep all the moisture away that’s responsible for causing rashes. Likewise, you also eliminate the possibility of eczema and acne development. The unmatched properties of bamboo bedding would certainly encourage you to further implement it in your family’s lifestyles by turning to bamboo clothing as well.

Best of all is it’s easy to take care of, and not as delicate as most people think. All it requires is machine washing warm at 30 degrees, without the use of bleach and fabric softener, and dry cleaning and cold ironing. Unlike other materials, it doesn’t lose its shape and comfort even with multiple washing and using. We’re all more or less guilty of thinking what’s eco-friendly isn’t always stylish, but that’s not the case with bamboo products as they are the mixture of both functionality and style so you have no more excuses not to include them in your nursery and get the peace of mind your baby’s sleep, skin and general health are well taken care of.