Varex Controllable Mufflers: Revolutionizing High-Performance Exhaust Tuning with Precision and Power

Let’s be honest: High-performance exhaust systems are as much about sound as they are about performance. The deep mellow growl of a low restriction exhaust at idle can put a smile on any car lover’s face, and the full-on symphony of a well-tuned system at wide open throttle is enough to make them break into a fit of delirious laughter.

When it comes to road-legal cars though, exhaust tuners and engine builders have always had to wrestle with finding the perfect exhaust pitch without disturbing the peace. The sound of a well-tuned twin turbo through a 3” exhaust might bring tears to the eyes of a lot of enthusiasts, but it’s also a siren song for disgruntled neighbours and traffic inspectors.

There’s one company in Australia, however, that not only builds some of the most potent exhaust systems in the world, they’ve also developed a patented muffler technology that lets enthusiasts tune their exhaust’s performance and pitch with the push of a button. It’s cutting-edge flexibility, that combines power with precision.

Varex Controllable Mufflers Give You the Final Word on Flexible Exhaust Tuning

Although XFORCE has been building custom exhausts for more than 20 years, their adjustable Varex™ aftermarket exhaust systems have set an all-new standard for exhaust engineering. Varex mufflers combine the sound-absorbing qualities of a stock OE muffler with the minimal flow restrictions of a pure performance muffler, giving you the best of both worlds, in a street-legal muffler that’s fully controllable.

varex aftermakret exhaust system

Controllable aftermarket exhausts aren’t a new concept. Driver-activated electronic exhaust brakes have been used on an array of commercial, and full-sized 4WD vehicles for decades, and hotrodders have been installing manual exhaust cutouts with their headers to get the performance edge for even longer. Unlike these in-line add-ons though, Varex mufflers are remotely adjustable exhaust components that allow you to:

·   Fine-tune your exhaust note specifically to match your environment;

·   Increase or decrease your exhaust flow according to your desired level of performance; and,

·   Manage both parameters independently or automatically.

With the motorized butterfly valve mechanism located at the top of every Varex muffler, you’re able to adjust the rate, the effective path, and the sound of exhaust gases flowing through the unit based on 3 performance modes:

·   Street Mode. In this mode, the Varex’s butterfly valve directs exhaust gases to pass through the unit exactly the way they would through an OE muffler, absorbing the most sound.

·   In Between Mode. In this mode, the valve allows a partially unrestricted flow of gases through the muffler, improving performance and raising the sound level.

·   Race Mode. In a manner similar to what you’d expect with a pure race exhaust, race mode allows a virtually unrestricted flow of exhaust gases straight through the muffler, giving the best performance and the most vocal note.

varex cat back exhaust

Make no mistake: no other muffler has the ability to tune both its performance and sound with the press of a button. That’s what makes the Varex the ultimate tool in street-legal, high-performance exhaust tuning.

Muffler Kits Made for Today’s Top-Performing Vehicles   

Varex high-performance exhaust system control kits are comprehensive muffler packages that include:

·   A Varex muffler, complete with valve control motor and gearset;

·   A watertight muffler power plug and wire harness; and,

·   A Varex control module with remote control keypads.

Each kit contains everything you need to install a Varex muffler either with an OE exhaust system, your own current exhaust system, or with one of XFORCE’s own custom performance exhaust systems. Regardless of your installation choice though, you can be confident that Varex muffler kits are designed to fit the widest range of vehicles possible, including a lineup of some of the highest-performing vehicles sold in Australia, such as:

·   BMW M2s, M3s, and M4s;

·   Ford F6s and  GTs;

·   Toyota A90 Supras;

·   Subaru BRZs and WRXs; and,

·   Lexus IS 250s, 350s, and F-Sports.

car mufflers

And with round or oval-shaped muffler body lengths extending from 14.0” to 24.0”, you can even shop for a Varex aftermarket exhaust online for your hotrod or restoration job, giving them the perfect sound and flow to match the look that you want.

The Sky’s the Limit on Compatibility with Varex Mufflers

The fact that you can use a Varex muffler and control motor assembly on your precious resto rod tells you that they’re built for high-performance exhaust systems that aren’t ashamed to be seen. They’re built from fully TIG welded, rust-resistant 304 stainless steel, feature chambered or baffled internal construction, and are available with either brushed or highly polished finishes that look just as good as they flow.

Compatibility is the key to what these high-performance exhausts have to offer, which is why they’re available in a host of dimensions, including:

·   Connector pipe inlet diameters from 2.5” to 4.0”;

·   Tailpipe outlet diameters from 2.5” to 4.5”; and,

·   Single or dual inlet and outlet plumbing.

You can mount a Varex muffler on any vehicle, and it’s this range of flexibility that makes it the most impressive high-performance exhaust Australia has to offer. XFORCE, however, isn’t a company that’s content to rest on its current successes. That’s why they’ve taken their premium line of Varex mufflers, along with the art of exhaust building itself, to an all-new level by introducing Bluetooth into the tuner’s equation.

Take Your Exhaust to the Next Level with Varex’s Bluetooth SmartBox Controller  

The Varex SmartBox™ Exhaust Controller is an advancement so revolutionary that it effectively reshapes the role of traditional exhaust tuning. By connecting the SmartBox control device to the Varex’s valve control motor and your car’s OBD-2 port, you can now control every aspect of your muffler’s performance by smartphone, or even allow the smartphone to control the muffler automatically.

varex smart box exhaust

The patent-pending SmartBox is more than just a clever bit of engineering. It’s an intuitive platform that’s capable of instantly setting the Varex’s exhaust valve to within a 1% variance of any parameter based on:

·   Real-time RPM, throttle, or speed readings;

·   Preset geo-locations where you only want specific Varex settings; and,

·   Any custom or manual input setting based on desired, or preferred noise level.

With the SmartBox’s performance engineering, you always know precisely what to expect from your exhaust. It’s the flexibility that you want from your system when you’re ready to upgrade exhaust components.   

The Final Word

At the end of the day, there are hundreds of high-performance exhaust and muffler designs on the market that are focused on creating a particular sound or flow. The problem, however, is that you’re completely locked into their performance characteristics once you’ve bolted one on. But now thanks to XFORCE, you don’t have to settle for just one exhaust setup anymore.  

Their cutting-edge Varex-equipped aftermarket exhaust systems are designed exclusively to deliver sound and flow the way you want it, when you want it. No other muffler even comes close, giving you the flexibility and discretion to control your exhaust’s performance without lifting a spanner.