Choosing the Best Apron for Kids: Turn Their Messy Projects into Never-Ending Fun

Kids’ aprons can be a catalyst for fun. Kids are constantly eager to learn new and fascinating things, whether it is through science experiments, baking or cooking in the kitchen with you, making an award-winning mud pie outside, or creating artwork.

Children’s aprons broaden the experience and independence needed to foster their individuality and creativity. Kids feel more involved and prepared to assume a larger role in the kitchen, outside, or wherever life happens when they have their aprons. Undoubtedly, a child’s apron helps keep their clothes clean, but it also gives them the freedom to make messes.

What to Look Out for in an Apron for Kids

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With all this in mind, shop for a specifically designed apron for kids made from premium fabrics. However, when choosing the ideal kids’ apron, you will want the one that has all the functions they need and a style they’ll love to wear. Since there is a wide range of models from many brands, in order not to get lost, take the following considerations into account.

Colour and Pattern

The rising popularity of children’s aprons resulted in a vast array of colours and patterns available. There are simple colours or beautiful designs to choose from, but you’ll normally go for the ones they’ll love to put on.

Therefore, you can surprise your little hero with an apron that has his favourite Marvel character printed on it. Or, your little princess with a pink apron that she won’t take off while making those sweet pies. For those little trendsetters, there are always some denim aprons here and there to cover the mess. You can also add some embroidery or emoji on a green, yellow or blue apron and make it even more personal.


Even when worn over clothing, soft, comfy apparel will be worn more frequently by children. Therefore, any good apron for kids should be designed of materials that are soft to the touch, free of dangerous chemicals, and robust enough to shield clothing. Natural fibres and organic materials are also used to create the greatest handcrafted children’s aprons. For a softer texture, a linen-cotton blend is an excellent option, while cotton canvas is preferable for messier projects.

Easy to Put on and Take off

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Kids don’t want to wait to play in the garden or assist you in the kitchen. With a quick slip-on and tie, putting on an apron should be straightforward and quick. Fortunately, most aprons for kids are quite easy to use. For instance, the everyday child’s apron is a classic style that ties in the back and hooks around the neck. It’s a functional apron that ties in the back for maximum covering and can be adjusted around the neck for the optimum fit.

Kids’ pinafores are ideal for them whether they are cleaning the house, painting, gardening, or engaging in other creative activities. Pinafores glide on without ties and are simple to put on. These aprons cross in the back for a simple, tie-free throw-on look. They make wonderful kid-sized pinafore dresses and are a great way to get dressed up for a family night out.

Ease of Cleaning

The last thing you want to do is spend hours cleaning the filth off aprons because life with kids can be hectic. Select an apron with straightforward, simple-to-follow washing instructions that you can wash with your regular laundry.


Size is an important aspect when choosing aprons for your kids. When getting the appropriate size, make sure the apron covers the garment while not hanging excessively low or posing a trip risk. Children’s aprons are available in two sizes, so you can get the coverage needed by each age group. An adjustable neck strap in an apron is a plus to get a great fit and adjust as your kids grow.

Best Kids’ Aprons

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Now that we have covered everything you should look for in a kids’ apron, it’s time to narrow down our top choices for some of the best aprons out there.

Cargo Crew Kids’ Aprons: Our Top Pick

There are no more unique aprons on the market than the ones made by Cargo Crew. The brands translate for quality, next-level material selection, sophistication and style. Each of their aprons, which in turn come in a wide range of styles and colours, can be personalised with name embroidery.

For instance, their Boston Colour Pop apron collection is a celebration of happiness and fun, encouraging children to be inventive in the kitchen and on the vegetable patch. The entire collection is constructed of superior 100% cotton and modelled after their best-selling Boston overalls, which are garment-dyed to provide genuinely distinctive tones.

Additionally, the brand has recently launched their stylish denim aprons for kids which are the mini version of their famous Boston apron, ideal for future foodies looking for a real deal apron and some serious time in the kitchen.

Pashop Aprons: Best Pop of Colour

Give your child these unicorn-themed bib aprons from Pishop if baking is one of their favourite things to do to make it extra special. These high-quality polyester aprons have long waist ties to fit kids of all ages and a plastic clasp that can be adjusted to your child’s height. They come in two sizes, small and large, and are appropriate for kids between the ages of 3-5 and 6-8. Their aprons come in a pair and are also offered in a variety of other fabrics and patterns, including mermaid, fox, floral, and rainbow.

Lyivssuy Aprons: Best Artistic

Your child may enjoy painting, cooking, baking, or having some fun outdoors without being concerned about acquiring stains or dirt on their clothes thanks to Lyivssuy Children’s Artists Fabric Aprons. Each set comes with 12 vibrant children’s aprons made of sturdy non-woven cloth. These washable art aprons for kids are available in one size that fits all and have lengthy ties to fit kids of all ages. Moreover, their canvas-style aprons can be customized by using fabric paints, pens, or markers.