Nature’s Playground: Creative Ways to Boost Outdoor Fun for Kids

These days, the long and sizzling summer days of our childhood spent running around outside and playing in the backyard seem to have been replaced by computer games, tablets, and phones. While technological advances of the modern era are certainly fascinating, it’s not always the most constructive way for kids to spend their time.

Sure, you can always use some strategies to make your kids love books and reading in an effort to unglue their eyes from the screens. But why not also help them explore nature and experience a real-life adventure instead? Not only is this a thrilling and memorable way to go about making the most of the sweltering summer days, but it will also help them foster a connection with nature and develop important skills in the process.

What Outdoor Activities Do Children Like?

Getting some physical activity and fresh air are the most effective means to get kids away from technology and into the outdoors. There are tons of creative outdoor activities that your little ones can enjoy, with some of the most exciting ones being:

16 Feet Trampolines

16 feet trampoline

While the standard 8 and 10 ft models are certainly fun in their own right, stable and fully-enclosed 16 feet trampolines can provide more jumping room, which can prove to be especially enticing to the little daredevils in your family, and even adults as well, if you want a full-fledged family experience.

The round shape of the 16-foot trampoline makes it easier to maintain momentum and move across with a single jump, with reinforced frames on the side for added safety and stability. Their extra bouncy surface will add more thrill to the game, and you can even set up a few competitions between family members for some competitive activities.

Additionally, the hefty 150 kg weight limit of this trampoline makes it perfect for children of all ages, and they can even use it to practice their gymnast flips and other stunts. They’re quite easy to assemble and you can even get customized versions if needed, with special additions like a basketball hoop to make your kid’s outdoor playtime even more enjoyable.

Plus, most models come with a UV-resistant and water-proof cover to protect the material from damage due to sunlight or rain. The side rails are also padded so that your kid can jump around without any worries of injury and have a heavy-duty black steel frame to support the entire structure.

Finally, there’s a small mesh compartment to store all the kids’ shoes in one place, which can come in handy when things start to get a bit hectic. No more scouring the backyard looking for that stray shoe in all the nooks and crannies, wasting precious time and energy that could be spent on some other activity.

Inflatable Pool Toys

Inflatable pool toys

Having a pool in your backyard is a modern commodity that brings a lot of joy to the family, but it can also get quite boring if all your kids do is swim around in circles. Sure, classic swimming lessons are the backbone of the water-playing experience, but not all children are massive fans of repetitive routines and can get bored with the same old activities.

With that said, you can easily spice up their playtime by turning the pool into an epic water park with kids’ inflatables. Not only will you have greater peace of mind knowing your kids are safe and having fun, but they’ll instantly experience a surge of exhilaration as they race around the pool on fun, inflatable boats or rafts, sports discs, and more.

For instance, the classic range of boards and mini-rafts are perfect for first-timers, as they’re relatively stable and have greater buoyancy. Your little one can get on it and just enjoy a peaceful float around the pool, while some of the inflated animals like koalas and orcas can transform the entire experience into a mini safari.

Plus, you can get a few water pistols or tube wars sets to engage in some friendly battles with friends and family. These activities not only provide an entertaining diversion from the monotonous swimming routine but also help to foster important skills such as teamwork and communication.

Another option on the kids’ inflatables list is the lounging pool hammock, which floats on top of the water and has two handles on either side for a comfortable grip. It works not only as a relaxation tool but also as an ideal spot to practice various water sports like swimming, water polo, basketball and more.

Climbing Frames

Climbing frame

Most kids have unlimited bursts of energy, and what better way to channel it than with a few outdoor activities like climbing frames? This type of equipment is specifically designed in such a manner that it gives kids the freedom to explore and climb around, all while having a great time.

You can get several different designs of climbing frames, with some having bridges, swings, ladders, and slides to ensure that your kids get the best of all worlds. Plus, they’re easy to assemble and can be installed in the backyard or any other part of your house where you want to let your children roam.

Nature Scavenger Hunts

Kids scavenger hunting

Being outdoors in nature plays a crucial role in children’s overall development, as it helps them better understand their environment, foster a sense of appreciation for nature, build problem-solving skills, and more. And what better way to get your kids into exploring than with a nature scavenger hunt?

This activity involves creating a list of items that the kids need to find in their backyard, such as rocks, flowers, leaves, insects, animals and so on. Once they’ve found the items, they can take pictures of them or write down the details, which will help them to remember the things they’ve seen and further develop their observational skills.