Fleshlight Sex Toys: An In-Depth Guide to Maximising Pleasure in the Bedroom

Is your adult playtime in the bedroom in need of a slight change of pace? Are all the things you’re currently doing not quite hitting the mark? If you’re like most people, there’s a lot of pressure on the sexual act itself and whether it lives up to these unrealistic expectations the internet oh-so-frequently feeds us. We’re trapped in this vicious cycle, constantly wondering whether we’re doing enough or if our partner, particularly a new one, actually enjoys it, that we forget the main purpose of it at its very core – simply exploring our bodies and learning more about ourselves along the way.

Sure, some may argue that adding alcohol into the mix may calm some of those nerves – red wine will do just fine at that – but that’s just masking the bigger issue and not really solving any of the obstacles at hand. But frankly, there’s actually a much better way to go about it, and that is by using safe and convenient Fleshlight sex toys to help you reach the pinnacle of pleasure with minimal hassle.

What Are the Most Popular Fleshlight Sex Toys?

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Truth be told, adult toys are just one of those things you didn’t know you actually needed until you’ve tried them. Back in the day, there was a lot of stigma surrounding the use of these sexual aids but nowadays, people are more open to expressing what they like and what they don’t like in the bedroom – hence the vast array of options available.


source: instagram.com/clubxaustralia/

This serves as an umbrella term for all toys that vibrate – be it regular vibrators that can virtually be inserted into any opening you like, to more advanced models like the so-called rabbit models that can be used for both penetration and clitoral stimulation. If you’re just entering the world of sex toys, you don’t have to immediately jump the gun and go for the most elaborate model either, start with the basic ones and build your way up from there as you get more comfortable.

Another particularly interesting option is the G-spot line of vibrators, which have a signature curved shape and are intended to stimulate the G-spot directly once inserted. Even though all bodies are different and there’s no precise location that is mapped out on everyone, this device can help you narrow down the search area – or your partner’s for that matter, if they’re struggling to figure the way out on their own.


Moving on to a more conventional way of reaching that sought-after climax, dildos are incredibly life-like representations of actual penises. They feature many of the realistic details you’d find on a regular phallus out in the wild – a long, erect shaft with a narrow head and a few veiny details along the way.

Of course, they vary in terms of size, built and even colour to suit different tastes but the main features stay the same. In terms of materials, the most common options include silicone or latex rubber, but you can even find stainless steel models if you look hard enough. Even though the last option isn’t a conventional model, it can be quite a thrill for the daredevils in the bedroom.

Stroker Vaginas

If you have a penis and are sick of using old socks to get down to business, you’ll want to pay close attention to stroker vaginas. Basically, they’re these long, tube-shaped toys that closely resemble a vaginal opening on one end and have a conveniently-designed outer layer to give you a better grip.

On the inside, most of them feature ribbed and even wet interiors that are supposed to mimic what an actual vagina would feel like during intercourse. Some models come with vibrating interiors too, which further increase the pleasure and help you tumble over the edge.

Mouth Masturbators

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These have a very similar design and purpose as stroker vaginas, but their source of inspiration from the real world is, you guessed it, a mouth. Many of them have perfectly-shaped and soft lips covering their entrance, with a soft and warm lining on the inside to maximise pleasure.

Depending on your preferences, you can opt for models with clearly-defined teeth as well, which may further enhance sensation and make your orgasm much more exciting. For those of you that don’t enjoy the feel of teeth grazing across your shaft, you have plenty of options with softer interiors that could be a good fit for your needs.

Penis Pumps

Conventionally used to help offset the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, penis pumps have come a long way since their torture device-looking predecessors. These days, they have a less threatening aura and a more practical purpose in the bedroom – they feature a lengthy tube that’s attached to a small pump.

Basically, you have full control over the intensity and pace of the device, with each pump resulting in a pleasurable yet not painful sucking motion. Of course, you can use this Fleshlight sex toy to get harder and long-lasting erections before you have intercourse with your partner, or use it as part of your solo playtime activities and make your climax much more enjoyable.

Bondage Toys

If you like to get frisky while doing the dance with no pants with your partner, then you definitely don’t want to miss out on bondage toys. While BDSM was a big no-no back in the pearl-clutching days of the past, there’s a much greater emphasis on the overall pleasure and excitement these nifty tools actually bring. From tamer eye masks and wrist cuffs to more sultry restraint kits, gags and nipple clamps, there’s a vast pool of options to explore – both in terms of your own body as well as your partner’s.