If You Want Sex Life to Shine, Red Wine Will Do Just Fine

A dinner date with your loved one, tasty Italian food and red wine…Heaven on Earth indeed! Talking for hours about you two and all the things you love about yourselves has never been more thrilling and exciting. So, you are almost done with your date and thinking whether to hit the clubs, or just go home and spend some time together. Well, with all that red wine you had, you could definitely have some fun under those silky sheets. You do know what I am talking about, right?

Red wine has the ultimate power to make you feel sexy and confident in yourself like you have never felt before. And all these quality traits you get after a few glasses of wine definitely translate in a wild night with your special one. Red wine has an immense power to boost your sexual appetite and improve your sexual performance to spice up the game, trust me. Choosing red wine with a purpose has never been sexier.

And know the statistics part; according to a research done by an Italian group, 800 Italian women who drank 1-2 glasses of red wine a day have shown an increased blood flow to their erogenous areas, which leads to higher levels of sexual desire and pleasure. This data supports the claim that drinking a glass of red wine can have numerous health benefits, can reduce stress levels and at the same time increase your focus towards your partner, creating a more affectionate sexual experience. But what about men? Does red wine have the same effect and enhances their libido as well? Categorically yes. When men drink this powerful red liquid, their levels of testosterone also increase, thus they experience a stronger sexual arousal and appetite.

So Which Wine Aromas Are Males and Females Most Attracted To?

Well, most women get turned on by earthy, musky, woody, cherry-like wine aromas. Some of the most popular wines among women certainly are Blue Pyrenees Cabernet Sauvignon, Bremerton Tamblyn Cabernet Shiraz Merlot, as well as the balanced blend of Cabernet Merlot. Men, on the other hand, love drinking red wine in which the aromas of caramel butter, orange, licorice and vanilla dominate. Among the most commonly consumed wines among men are the bubbly Moscato, dry Sherry wines and of course, Shiraz Cabernet.

Choosing red wine and sharing it with your special fun is the ultimate way to increase the fun. It is the drink that connects and helps for amazing to happen. But beware, moderation is key. Make sure you drink enough of it to make you a little bit happier, funnier and sexier. Drinking too much red wine (and any other alcoholic drink for that matter), could have quite the opposite effect. Well, time to open up that bottle and make the call. Have fun.