Strategies to Use to Make Your Kids Love Books and Reading

As with most interests in a child’s life, teaching them to love books and reading should start at an early age. If you yourself nurture a special relationship with the written word, your child won’t require a lot of time to adopt it too – after all, they like to model a parent’s behaviour.

Besides buying them books with lively colours that spark their curiosity, there are other strategies you can implement to make more time for reading in their lives.

Get Them the Right Bookcase

Neat Bookcase

One way of getting them more into books is to allow them to see and touch them, all with the help of a neat bookcase. Instead of focusing on designs you would love to have, pick out something that your little one prefers. Easy access and safety are paramount in this case, focus on an easy-to-reach children’s bookshelf that doesn’t pose a safety risk and won’t fall on your child.

When you get a design low to the ground and isn’t taller than 1 metre, you also allow your kid to go to the books independently, so you won’t have to force reading. This is the standard of a Montessori bookshelf, so even a crawling baby can reach and pick a book.

The great news is you have plenty of options for children’s bookshelf to choose from, whether a fun rotating bookshelf, a low design with space for baskets, a sling bookshelf, a stackable unit, or even a bookcase caddy. You can combine all these with extra wall-mounted shelves to display more of the colourful books outwards and use them as part of the room’s décor. Be sure to consider the nursery or kids’ room, focusing on the size and space available for such a furniture piece before the purchase.

Also, keep the number of items in mind as you look for a suitable design. If your child already has quite the versatile library, and there are loads of soft toys and wooden toys you’d like to organise, then choose a two-in-one design that would fit reading material, toys, and board games. Pay attention to which books and toys they prefer, so you can display these, and then change them as your children’s interests change as they grow up.

Create an Inviting Reading Nook

Children reading nook

You don’t have to have preschool or school kids to have a comfy reading nook, as even your toddler could benefit from this lovely addition to the home. Moreover, when added right next to the bookshelf kids would be more encouraged and motivated to use as much of both of these neat features, so adding a comfortable bean bag or a cosy hiding place with a teepee or canopy by the shelves can help with creating a connection with books and reading as well.

To make it more appealing, in addition to cushions, place the reading nook in an area that is well-lit with natural lighting, preferably close to the window. Having a tranquil window seat is another perk that you can also use to showcase some books under it. Don’t have lots of natural light, and a neat window seat? What you can do is use the help of light fixtures to do the trick.

For a joyful storytelling experience even at night, dress up the children’s bookshelf with fairy lights, add a lovely chandelier for overhead lighting, and use flashlights if necessary. It’s recommended to keep electronics and other distractions out of kids’ bedrooms. So, this is the ideal opportunity to explain to children the value of turning off technology and removing them from the designated reading area. When they grow older, they won’t make a fuss about smartphones, tablets, and TV not being allowed during reading time.

To make the area even more inviting and entertaining for them, get in the habit of transforming it with a theme connected to what they’re reading, or their favourite title as it would bring the characters and stories to life. This will make for lots of imaginative playtime, and even more interest in books and stories thanks to the magic you’d create for them.

Whether it’s Peppa Pig, The Three Little Pigs, Peter Pan, or The Muddle-Headed Wombat, use some of the themes to decorate the kids’ bookshelf with the notable colours and characters, and buy a décor piece with them (e.g. rugs, curtains, blankets). You can also do some crafts with your children related to the stories they’re reading and let the magic happen!

Do Fun Book-Related Things

visting library with kid

You can make room for more books in their lives beyond the world you create at home, in their very own nurseries and kids’ rooms. How? Easy! Visiting the local libraries is one effective strategy that could fill them up with more love for reading, and so is watching movies made for the books. Lastly, travelling and visiting the locations mentioned in the stories can be an unforgettable experience you can all share. Besides allowing them to enjoy and immerse more in the world of books, these are things you can use as a family to spend some quality time together in each other’s company.