Scandinavian Toys: Another Scandinavian Design Trend

The world has sure gone crazy about Scandinavian furniture designs, huh? Can’t say I’m surprised really, seeing the sleek lines, and soft neutral colours bringing about warmth in the homes. Great news is it’s a trend that doesn’t seem to be joining the going ones, and is only becoming more affordable.

Taking this into account, I had the pleasure of treating my home with some of the simple, sophisticated, and timeless design objects, like the eye-catching brass Christmas balance candle holder, book keepers, and mirror sculpture. While carefully picking them, I came across a wide range of Scandinavian toys, reminding me how beautiful play time can be. Who knew Lego wasn’t the only Scandinavian toy brand one should be aware of?!

Scandinavian Plush

It’s needless to say I had to get some for my kids, after doing a bit of homework in finding out more about some of the brands and their gorgeous toys. Having in mind it’s Scandinavian design I’m talking about, the toys are so meticulously crafted, they could even serve as decorative elements whether artistically scattered round the rooms by my kids, or neatly stored by me on shelves.

Liewood's wood memory game

Of course I had help with the Scandinavian toys purchase, letting my kids have their share in the selection. Liewood’s wood memory game was among the first they fell in love with. Featuring a variety of animals, coloured in subtle playful hues, the Danish brand, known for the choice of finest materials, and original workmanship, created a durable birch veneer toy that my kids can’t part from even when we take to the road.

There’s nothing like pretend play, and the “secret” hiding places for proper child development and growth which is why I decided to throw in a room tent as well in the world of toys at home, or more specifically the BZBX (BudtzBendix) tower tent that can easily be turned into a cubby house too, primarily also serving as a changing table.

BZBX Tower

Made of organic cotton, this Danish product is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, so whenever my little ones are bored of the same old indoor surroundings, I set it up at the porch where they play in fresh air thinking mummy can’t see their imaginative world.

Speaking of the porch, there’s another addition I have to mention that’s here to stay for good: the swing! Kids love to swing, and while it’s all fun, it’s also beneficial for their health, particularly when it comes to the sensory and motor development.


Wanting to find a more durable, yet still safe and stylish product, I opted for Lillaguanga’s classic swing. It was the Finnish simplicity and superior quality, with a focus on materials like oak, that won me over – as for my kids, they can’t have enough of swinging on it! All in all I can say it was money well spent, seeing how much of a durable investment it is, and the smiles on my kids’ faces are the proof for all the fun they have.