Benefits of Working in a Resort

Although I usually dislike working jobs that involve too much contact with people, one of the most memorable jobs I’ve ever had was at one of the local beach club resorts in Melbourne a couple of years ago. Granted, I was younger, more patient, eager to meet people from all over the world and learn about the different cultures. And even though working in the hospitality industry was at times very taxing and oftentimes I had to work long hours, I had a lot of fun.

I basically considered it a paid vacation in a way, as I got to help and kinda see what other people do on vacations. But honestly, what I enjoyed most about this kind of job was the fact that I did not have to think what I was going to wear to work every morning, thanks to the resort uniforms. And truth be told, I think that they sparked my love for Oxford shirts. Why, you ask?

Well, the resort uniforms were easy to combine, comfy and pretty simple to take care of. I really liked that style, so now I have a drawer full of Oxford shirts that I wear whenever I don’t feel like dressing up too much but I still want to look good.

Resort Uniforms

Furthermore, in resorts, the pay per hour might be low, but if you’re good at what you do and are easy going and comunicative, you could get a lot of tips. Plus, you don’t need much qualifications to work most entry-level positions. You’ll probably undergo a couple of days of training before you are ready to work on your own, but if you’re serious and good at what you do, you can easily climb the ladder. Moreover, resort workers have medical and dental benefits, discounts at the resort and free staff meals. You’d be surprised how much you can save just by having at least one staff meal there.

The most important qualities they need to posses are being enthusiastic, outgoing, energetic and being a team player. Big resorts have hundreds of employees, and believe me, things run much smoother when you work as a team and everybody gets along. More importantly, things go even smoother if you’re kind to guests and try to help them out when they need your services.

Lastly, if you like traveling, you can opt to work at a resort abroad. There are thousands of resorts around the world that need seasonal workers, so it’s a good way to travel, make money and get to know different cultures and work with different people. And even though you might not want to make a career out of it, it can still be a life changing experience and look good in your CV.