The Ideal Modern Makeover: Addition of Scandinavian Mid Century Furniture Mixture

Okay, so I’ve decided to freshen up the interior a bit (again!), but didn’t really know where to start. Many things came to mind, due to the many options to be found in furniture stores, so I was left with plenty of questions and doubts, in the likes of “Would Scandinavian design suit my home mostly, more than other designs?”, “Should I go for other trends, like the mid century?”, and of course “Would I be able to afford such a makeover?”.

Mid Century Furniture

While I was having these thoughts, I decided to go on the quest for the furniture pieces that would most catch my eye, as well as my wallet, thinking it would take me longer to get on with the makeover project but luckily, I came across a wide range of a mixture of Scandinavian with mid century furniture. It was win win, like a dream come true finding two in one!

Why is this mixture so appealing? Well, the fact it’s both comfortable, and aesthetic should be more than convincing; then again it’s also versatile. What I love about my quest was that I was able to find affordable pieces, made of durable materials, like solid timber, paired with organic fabrics at that. Though my mind was primarily set on getting a sofa, I couldn’t resist purchasing a pair of armchairs, evoking the charm of the 1960s.

The defining minimal looks, which means the lines are sleek, and uncluttered, so there’s no ornamentation, and the form is all about functionality, fit so nicely in my home, that I was motivated to extend the purchase to a pair of chairs as well. One can never have too many chairs, I’m sure you’d agree with me!

The armchairs are ideal for creating a reading nook beside the window, I really love that part of my home. I use the chairs mostly in the living room, when I have relatives and friends over, but I also use them occasionally in the hallway, as well as the bedroom. With the quality they have, I expect this purchase to be durable for years to come.

Though I was worried at first, whether or not the armchairs and the chairs would go well with my interior d├ęcor, the outcome is even better than expected, taking into consideration the understated elegance of the Scandinavian mid century furniture mix brings about harmony in any setting. It’s so easy to decorate them using a variety of cushions, in different patterns, colours, and fabrics, so I might as well say that was one makeover project perfectly done.