Baby Bathtub Buying Guide: Make Bathing Easier, More Fun and Comfortable for Everyone Involved

Speaking from personal experience, getting to know the basics before your baby comes is the best way to be prepared for all of the upcoming challenges and experiences. Instead of stressing yourself about birth and all the things that could happen, you should focus more on your little one and how to make everything as cosy as possible.

From how to dress, how to breastfeed, how change the diaper and how to bathe your baby, all the way to what is the ideal material for the baby bedding, these are some of the essential things you should learn in order to have the peace of mind you’re prepared once the bub comes.

Besides choosing clothes, bedding, diapers and cosmetics that are made of high-quality and non-irritating fabrics and ingredients, you should also think of the type and material and features of baby bath Australia mums swear by. The choice is huge and can be overwhelming especially if you’re a first-time mum, so to avoid making a mistake, it’s best if you take into account the most basic and essential things.

Types of Bathtubs

Standard Tubs

mom giving baby a bath in a baby bathtub

As suggested by the name, these bathtubs are the most standard and convenient option you have. They have been used time and time again, and nowadays, they can come in different sizes and shapes to meet the different parents’ needs. The smallest size you can find them in (usually used for newborns) can even fit in the sink which makes bathing hassle-free.

To make things simpler and easier to use in the future, you can choose a larger and functional baby bath Australia model with a removable fabric/mesh baby sling that you can use during the first few months. After that, you can easily remove the sling and use the bathtub on its own. I’ve invested in a bathtub like this and have zero regrets because I’ve used it on a daily basis until my little one turned two.

Convertible Baby Tub

Being convertible, these tubs are designed to grow with your baby. Usually, they’re more expensive as they have convertible positions, allowing you to use them throughout all of your child stages.

Foldable Tubs

baby in flower foldable bathtub in sink

If you are limited in space and aren’t in the position to buy a standard model, then you should consider the idea of investing in a foldable tub. As implied by the name, these are practical baby bathtubs that are easy to use and store, but the one thing you should do before you buy them is to check them out in person. This is crucial so you can be sure that the chosen model is made of sturdy material that won’t get damaged or leak after several uses.

Luxury Bathtub

These bathtubs are designed to give your bub a spa-like experience thanks to their numerous features. Just as a spa bathtub, these stylish models can have a small shower nozzle and motorised water jets emitting calming vibrations that can soothe a crying baby.

Choose the Right Size

Buying a tub for a newborn is not that difficult, however, you shouldn’t forget that babies grow fast, so thinking ahead would be recommended. When searching for the right design, choose convenient baby tubs that can be used for at least 12 months. In order to do this, take a look at the manufacturer’s size and weight guidelines, so you’ll have a clear picture of whether the chosen tub is right for your baby or not.

Choose the Right Material

Although the plastic might look the same of every product, the truth is they can be made of different types – some of them being dangerous for your little one. So, when in search of the right choice of baby bath Australia retailers have in store, make sure to consider the material and preferably buy quality plastic like polyvinyl chloride instead of those that contain BPA, phthalates and some other harmful ingredients.

Bathtub Features to Have in Mind

mom bathing baby in little blue bathtub

Overhanging Rim

Choosing handy properties like overhanging rims means choosing baby tubs that are beneficial for you and your babies. I’ve bought a bathtub like this, and it was quite easy to handle and move around. On the other hand, it was great for my little one too since there were no pointy or uneven edges that could scratch his soft and gentle skin.

Non-Slip Surface

Because of soap, baths can become slippery which can be quite dangerous for smaller babies. To be able to cut down the risk of accidents, you should always choose a bathtub with a non-skid surface to keep your bub in place. In case you have already set your eyes on a particular model that doesn’t have a non-slip surface, you can always buy and use a non-slip mat made of foam, rubber, silicone, or some other material.

Drain Plug

Having a design with a drain plug could be time and back pain saving. This feature makes removing the water quick and easy with a simple move. If not planning to insert the bathtub for baby in your regular tub, then you should consider choosing one with a drain plug and hose which make the bathing process more convenient.

Water Fill Line

The last beneficial thing you ought to look for is a tub with a water fill line. This line indicates the maximum amount of water that can be added into the tub to avoid overfilling.