Steer Clear of Clichés: 5 Unique and Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Her

Picking a gift for a loved one is not always an easy task. But sometimes that extra effort you put into finding the perfect gift for someone is totally worth it, considering the amount of happiness that person will feel after receiving the present. It’s worth searching for a unique gift, for a gift that will mean something and a gift that will actually be used. Now, the list of gifts that fit this description is actually quite long so I think you’ll have to make some serious decisions.

A Special Bouquet Made of Chocolate

I am going to be real on this one and tell you that a chocolate bouquet is 100 times better than a classic one made of flowers and the reason for this is very simple. Although flowers are beautiful and they have a special meaning they’re going to dry off in 5 days time and that’s inevitable. Their beauty will just evaporate and there will be nothing left but beautiful packaging. On top of that, a flower bouquet is a cliche and we don’t want that. We want something special.

A bouquet made of chocolate is something that your giftee will actually be able to taste. A chocolate bouquet is both beautiful and edible. Not to mention unusual. I don’t think there’s even a doubt which one of the two options is better. You can choose among the different types of edible chocolate bouquets and get the ideal one for the person it is meant for. You can even pick from the chocolate bouquets that have champagne or scotch included. This combination is one that no woman can resist. You can get such bouquets of chocolates for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day, graduations or simply to express your appreciation for someone.

Girl holding bouquet made of chocolate

Now, if you waited until the very last minute and you need a gift pronto, look for companies that deliver in your area. For instance, if you’re located in Perth, a chocolate bouquets Perth delivery company will guarantee your friend or loved one gets the gift the same day. I mean, there’s nothing better than having the gift delivered. Also, if you want to include fruit or other foods that can easily spoil, hiring a chocolate bouquets Perth delivery will make sure that your recipient won’t get something that’s travelled for days and could have become rotten by the time it arrived at their door.

To be honest, chocolate bouquets aren’t a gift that lasts either, we are all well aware of that. But the tasting experience will last forever. The pleasure of tasting carefully picked chocolate is something that doesn’t fade away easily. And those are two very good reasons to pick chocolate bouquets over classic ones.

Comfy Sleepwear for a Great Night’s Sleep

Moving on to a gift that your giftee will appreciate big-time – luxury sleepwear. When it comes to sleepwear if you want to buy something of high quality and comfortable, pay attention to the materials. I mean, the design is important too, but the materials are the real game-changer. So, you wonder what are the most comfortable ladies pyjamas? That would be pyjamas made from a cotton/bamboo blend.

You can easily order luxury sleepwear online and get this amazing gift delivered to the recipient. So, with that covered, you only need to pick the right set. I strongly believe that natural fabrics are the best when it comes to sleepwear and clothes in general. Fabrics like cotton and bamboo are very pleasant on the skin, durable and silky smooth. Both cotton and bamboo are naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial meaning they are ideal even for individuals that suffer from allergies and have certain skin sensitivities.

girls wearing luxury sleepwear

Bamboo/cotton sleepwear is ideal both for winter and summer. These fabrics have amazing thermo-regulating properties meaning that the person wearing them will never feel too hot or cold. Then again, you can also get a robe (made of cotton/bamboo blend of course). Robes are very cool and stylish. Your giftee will enjoy the comfort they offer (I know I do) and their design is outstanding. They come with pockets, cuffs, belt tie and everything.

You have a couple of colours to choose from meaning that you can get precisely the colour your giftee will enjoy the most. Sleepwear is a very good and thoughtful gift. It’s personal, something that lasts and something that’s used every day. And you don’t have to worry about getting the size right since pyjamas are meant to be comfy anyway. I don’t think there’s a person out there that enjoys sitting around and sleeping in tight-fitting pyjamas.

A Polaroid Camera that makes Special Moments Last Forever

Is it even possible for a person not to be happy about receiving a polaroid camera? A camera that takes pictures and prints them at the same time? I think not. And if a polaroid camera isn’t a unique gift then I don’t know what is.

A Polaroid Camera that makes Special Moments Last Forever

You can find a polaroid camera for a reasonable price, wrap it up nicely and run off to surprise a friend or a loved one. Polaroid cameras are small, compact, very easy to handle and make unexpectedly good quality photos. Forget all about taking pics with smartphones. Polaroid cameras are the real deal.

A Rare Book Collection for the Bookworm

How hard can it be to find a rare book collection? Well, not that hard if you know where to look and that would be auction houses. Compared to regular books available in book stores, rare books have a bigger value. An emotional value. So, if you want a gift that makes an impression, I sincerely suggest you go for the rare books. You’ll definitely warm your giftee’s heart. It’s a gift she’ll never forget and something she will have forever. She can even display them and add a breeze of change in the living area.

rare books sitting on top of each other

A Skincare Mini Fridge is all a Skincare Enthusiast Would Ever Want

Can you imagine how would a skincare enthusiast react to a skincare mini-fridge? I know I would die to have one. Skincare mini-fridges are small, compact and ideal for storing lotions, your body creams, face masks, facial day and night creams, serums. They make the products last longer and the cooling effect that the cold creams have on the skin is very beneficial.

You won’t have to spend a ton of money to buy one and your giftee will be eternally grateful for your incredible choice. Apart from being functional, skincare mini-fridges have an amazing design. You can choose from different colours and designs and make your giftee go wow.