Active Seating: The Benefits of Wobble Stools

Active sitting happens when a person in a sedentary position is still able to move and perform basic motions rather than sitting passively. This is made possible thanks to flexible furniture or more precisely – sensory wobble stools. Active sitting is important both for adults and children because it improves overall physical and mental well-being.

What Are Sensory Wobble Chairs?

Kids sitting on wobble chairs

No matter how hard a person tries, sitting in an upright position the whole time is impossible. A lot of people all around the world – grownups and kids – face the problem of having a bad posture while being in a sedentary position. In most cases, the chair has a lot to do with that.

The latest trend when it comes to comfortable sitting and owning a chair that offers support is the sensory wobble chair. Now, I’ve seen it and it doesn’t seem like a chair that offers support but it does it subtly and it’s the best choice anyone can make. Active stools are especially recommended for kids because they need the freedom of movement that these pieces of furniture provide to help them remain seated in a proper position.

The active stool prevents kids from lying back and slouching, allowing them to stay active because the wobble stool moves. Active stools have a base that’s slightly curved and can rotate, along with a padded seat and the only way for a kid to maintain balance is by using both of their feet. The sensory wobble stool for kids is one of the greatest inventions in the seating industry so far. It’s comfy, small and compact. You can move it around and place it anywhere. Kids can use it while doing their homework, studying, reading, playing and so on.

Sensory wobble chairs have a frame made of polypropylene which is a strong, durable and lightweight material. The height of the chair is adjustable and the fabric on top is soft and available in many colours. The base of the chair is slip-resistant, meaning it can be placed on any surface without a problem. And, it has handles right underneath the seat for extra security.

The Benefits of Wobble Stools for Kids

Kids working and sitting on wobble stools

Wobble chairs are known to improve concentration as kids are active while using the chair, which helps them focus easier on the task they need to do. Active sitting allows kids to perform the natural movements of the body freely and that stimulates the muscles and makes them maintain a proper posture. Then again, kids are also known to be hyperactive and full of energy. And the wobble stool is the ideal way for kids to put that energy to good use.

It is best for kids to learn the importance of sitting upright and standing straight from an early age. Wobble stools can help them in this. Their special design encourages kids to sit properly and build healthy sitting habits. In comparison, kids that use wobble chairs have stronger core and back muscles which aids the maintenance of proper posture – something that kids using basic chairs lack.

Wobble stools are especially recommended for kids that constantly move while sitting. The sensory stool will encourage them to move and maintain balance and with that, they’ll be more alert and focused. Active sitting improves circulation as well and that’s important for boosting productivity. Kids that use wobble chairs pay more attention to the task they need to perform regardless of whether it’s at home or at school.

The Bottom Line

Two children sitting on wobble stools and playing

A lot of health problems can arise from being in a sedentary position for a long period of time and having bad posture while sitting. Luckily, all that can be easily solved with the help of a wobble chair. It’s quite unbelievable how big of a difference this type of chair can make. The wobble chair can be the solution to all the chronic pain, the zoning out, the absent-mindedness. It can be the “cure” for poor blood circulation and it can improve oxygen flow.

Wobble chairs keep the muscles active, make the bones strong and improve posture. They are beneficial for adults that can’t get rid of back pain and muscle pain and kids with the extra energy that can’t sit tight in a static chair. Wobble chairs are the future of ergonomic sitting – they’re just the first small step in the right direction towards a stronger and healthier you.