Duffel Bags: A Timeless Design to Benefit Your Storage Needs

Since my daughter got into ballet a year ago, besides the training we also got to experience all the anxiety and preparation that goes into performances. That’s how I also became acquainted with all the gear that little ballerinas use. What I didn’t know was that I’d also get to benefit from some of it!

Versatility, Your Name is Duffel Bag

You know how it’s like with kids, sometimes they get fussy over certain things – mine does whenever it’s to do with outfits. It’s not that she doesn’t let me choose for her, but she loves choosing herself.

I’m proud of this attitude from the point of view of independence, so I let my daughter decide which outfits she’d use for her first performance. Could you tell we ended up filling up the duffel bag with three dresses, ballet hair accessories, two pairs of shoes, and a teddy? Long story short, I learned just how spacious and easy it is to pack this bag.

You might as well guess that was the time I realised I could use these roomy and practical dance duffle bags for other things like travel and times when I go relax with a yoga class carrying my yoga mat and extra clothing. The reason I chose this kind of bag instead of a tote or backpack was because of the amount of storage it provides, and it turned out it wasn’t just a great investment for my daughter’s hobby but for the whole family too!

The Reasons to Get Yourself a Duffel Bag

You may not need the dance duffle bag for dance primarily, but you can still get one for your trips – I think it’s ideal for air travel because, unlike carry-ons, it’s flexible and lightweight so you can squeeze it in effortlessly even in tight spaces. Moreover, it’s also a great choice when you end up buying more souvenirs during your trip and you find yourself with more luggage leaving than when arriving.

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For families with kids, winter travel becomes messy what with all the kids clothes and accessories for winter, so I find this type of bag to be ideal for all the cold essentials for the little ones. Oh, and it has plenty of space left for kids’ toys like the entertaining board games.

Don’t travel that much but have hobbies you enjoy on a regular basis? That’s where the bag can also prove to be of help! For instance, there are duffle dance bags Australia stores offer in various sizes, so depending on the quantity as well as the size of the bits and pieces you carry, you can pick the suitable size and material.

Fans of camping would benefit from such a bag too, more so considering there are bags with waterproof and insulating properties thus they’re perfect for protecting the camping essentials like sleeping bag, snacks and clothing from the weather elements. When not in use, you can make of it your storage where you keep the gear in a dry and safe place until the next outdoor adventure.

A Variety of Designs and Features

Taking the different purposes you can use them for, it’s no wonder they’re available in such a vast array of designs. If you aren’t fond of the classic duffel design, especially when it comes to carrying all the weight on your shoulders, the solution is simple: get a model with wheels.

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Those who are looking for ways to personalise the bag for their taste and daily needs have the chance to use the assistance of specialised accessories. For my girl’s dance classes we got her some folding hanging mirrors, though for professional dancers there’s the chance to add privacy curtains as well for a quick equipment change. In case you’re considered a freak about washing, like me, you’d also care to buy dance duffle bags that are low-maintenance – preferably choosing machine washable designs.

Organising the Duffel Bag

Many think that duffle bags don’t make it that easy to keep your belongings nice and tidy when you’re out and about. I beg to differ from such opinions because besides the various outside pockets, the main compartment can be separated with the help of organisers. This way, you can easily put some order to your items based on how important they are and how quick of an access you want for them.

When using it for my daughter’s classes, I use the specialised tutu bag to separate it from the rest of the equipment. Professional dancers use mesh bags for the shoes, and makeup cases for all the beauty products needed for competitions. As for security, since there aren’t any built-in locks within the design of duffel, you can simply add locks yourself to the parts where you have items you value the most.