Tote Bag: A Woman’s Best Friend

I’m not much of a fan of accessories since I’m more fond of the simple looks, but if I had to single out one favourite accessory it would have to be a bag. A tote, more precisely!

Though there was nothing fashionable about the design back in the 1940s, primarily created to be used as an “ice bag” i.e. for carrying ice, it didn’t take long for it to turn into the fashion staple it is today. As a word, “tote” was first used around the 17th century, and it meant “to carry”.

Things haven’t changed much in this perspective, as the bags are great for carrying all sorts of items, small and big (as big as laptops!) so they’re quite handy to have around. Due to the growing interest in the design over the decades, one can find a vast array of chic and practical totes nowadays, from simpler to high-end adorned with intricate details, to match their storage and outfit needs.

The Reasons in Favour of Totes


Whether you’re a fan of them or not, you can deny that these bags have a lot of advantages. Let’s look into some of them:

Versatility – If you ever wanted to know the most versatile bag, tote’s the name. Thanks to the wide range of materials that are used to create them, you might as well say the tote bag is created for every occasion you can possibly think of.

Buy one in a more durable version, like that made from leather, and you can be sure it’s ideal for your everyday needs, from matching work outfits and carrying groceries, to storing your gym and yoga gear like the useful meditation pillows. Don’t think they can’t be used with your fancier outfits either, more so in the case with totes with silver hardware and printed patterns.

Convenience – Gone are the days when the totes were a simple piece of canvas, nowadays if you want to increase the dose of safety and security for your belongings, you can find models that are equipped with zippers and velcro. When I’m out and about with the laptop, I don’t want it to be that visible as it would with the protective laptop bag, which is exactly why I love my tote handbags – they’re made for storage with discretion. I just zip them up, and no one knows the laptop is with me.

Source: Billy Tannery

Also, as a mum with lots of children supplies to carry on a daily basis, from bottles and wipes to a chosen set of soft toys, I prefer them to the diaper bags and backpacks because of the stylish pockets. Because they’re made for easy organisation, quick to pack and unpack, they’re also my first choice for travel. They truly are a woman’s best friends!

Durability – I really am a big fan of the design, so much so I even like promotional tote bags from shops made from canvas and jute. Though they’re durable enough for groceries and carrying some makeup essentials, when it comes to strength I still go for leather. I have some bags that I’ve been using for several years already, and with some TLC, they look new!

Thanks to how reusable they are time and time again, same as with the reusable polyethylene bags I appreciate having at home, I might also add they’re great if you’ve got a sustainable lifestyle as they reduce the waste fast fashion provides.

Outfits You Can Complement with Totes

Source: Style Debates

Another reason I love these bags is the fact it’s easy to dress them up and down with a chosen set of clothes. The following are some of my favourite combinations:

Work Look – For my 9-to-5 look, I like wearing an elegant high-waisted skirt, and a turn-down collar button shirt with my Delta tote by Cellini in a brown colour that matches my skin-tone comfortable work heels. When I want to turn the same look casual, I switch the shirt with an oversized T-shirt I tuck in the skirt.

Urban Look – When I want to ditch the heels and turn into an urban chic, especially when preparing to take care of errands, I like to pair the sneakers with jeans or cuffed trousers with sleeveless and short-sleeved shirts and of course the sporty Carla tote.

Feminine Look – As much as I like the sneakers and jeans combo, I like the thought of wearing lace occasionally also. I have that one lace dress that I love and can’t have enough of matching it with my wide-brimmed hat, chic flat shoes and a tote with vintage quilted ribbed pattern fabric. Need I say I choose this look sometimes for date-nights with hubby?

Striped Look – Though I’d normally choose this one for a day at the beach, I’m very fond of striped clothing so I end up choosing it on a daily basis too. My flat-based striped navy tote with leather-like handles is the ideal bag for the striped navy shirt I bought on our last trip to Capri.