How to Choose the Right Yoga Mat (One That Suits Your Lifestyle and Budget)

I won’t lie to you: I am not exactly the type that likes running, power walking or weight lifting while sweating like a pig and torturing my body to extremes just to get the body I so much desire. I know you’ll say I am being contradictory or maybe even lazy and sleazy, which is exactly why I sat down and did an extensive research on how busy celebrities like movie stars who are always on the set, maintain their bodies, so I can try their method. And while some stories threw me out of the window (I bow down to those people with an unbelievable will power and stamina, but then again they’re world-famous stars, so that doesn’t count), I found others very attractive and actually doable – like yoga, for example.

Yoga is the type of physical activity that puts enough pressure on your muscles through various positions and moves while simultaneously training your mind and concentration. Talk about a win-win fitness training. So, I decided to give it a try. As a person who pays a lot of attention to details and the way I look in any occasion, I bought the right yoga clothing equipment and the most important piece I’ll need on that journey: the yoga mat. Now, the clothing part is easy, but buying the right yoga mat – not so much. I wanted to buy yoga mat online, since this way I get all the time and comfort to do my own research and read reviews on the specific mat I’ll set my heart on. And trust me, even that process is hard – a yoga mat is a story of its own:

The right material and the degree of thickness

The material matters most because it’s the base for the quality of other features like thickness, stickiness and sponginess. When you’re looking to buy yoga mat online, make sure you look for something made of PVC, or also known as vinyl. These are most common on the market. You can also go for a more eco-friendly option like recycled rubber, jute or organic cotton. I’d connect the degree of thickness of the mat to the choice of material. Look for a mat that’s not too thin because it will not be comfortable to your knees.


How well does the mat stick to the floor matters a lot. You don’t want to be standing on both arms with your legs in the air and slip all of a sudden; you’ll injure yourself. A PVC yoga mat is probably your best option when it comes to stickiness, but make sure the mat is always clean before you use it – that’s when they stick best.

Price range

Since we’re talking about a mat that will fit your needs, it should fit your budget as well. The price of a good mat depends largely on its features; for instance, a mat with a basic degree of thickness that is made of PVC will be pretty cheap. On the other hand, one with antimicrobial properties, logos, designs and similar added perks like cool textures or raised tactile patterns would cost more. Ultimately, you could expect for the priciest yoga mat to reach about $100, and the cheapest one to be below $25.