Stop Snoring Once and for All Using Snoring Chin Straps

Have you ever snored so loud you woke your wife up, who then woke you up so you can switch positions and stop snoring like a bear? Whether it happens only occasionally, or it’s become a nightly occurrence, snoring doesn’t only affect you, but those you sleep with as well. Did you know that snoring can be an indicator of underlying health problems, or it can be caused by allergies or an illness? In most cases, you won’t have to intervene, and you can just live with it. However, if you or your significant other don’t want to deal with it constantly, snoring chin straps are a simple, affordable and effective solution, especially for people who snore through the mouth.

There are a few different types of snoring chin straps, each with its distinct advantages and disadvantages. That being said, there are a few things you need to consider before you decide on what type is best for you. Keep in mind that it may take a few nights to get used to any type of snoring chin strap. Let’s take a look at the two most popular models of snoring chin strap Australia sleep experts recommend.

ResMed CPAP Chin Strap

resmed_shin_strapThese chin straps are best suited for people using CPAP machines, as they keep your mouth closed while sleeping without causing any discomfort or pressure. The strap is made of neoprene material that stretches, and it’s 68.5 centimetres in length. The chin guard is soft, as it’s made of cotton and nylon blend. The ResMed CPAP Chin Strap features a slim profile, allowing it to fit under or over CPAP machines. It minimises air loss through the mouth, and it’s compatible with all types of CPAP mask and pillow setups. The strap’s length ensures it can fit almost anyone, and it’s very easy to adjust. You should wash it every now and then using warm water and mild detergent.

Brison Anti Snoring Chin Strap

briston_chin_strapThese chin straps are easily adjustable behind and on top of the head. They’re made of stretchy material, making them suitable for all head sizes. The sides feature a lot of space to accommodate the ears, and the material is very soft, making Brison chin straps very comfortable and not irritable whatsoever. The strap can be washed by hand or in a washing machine and then line dried. The comfort, easy fit and affordable price make this chin strap one of the most sought after ones.

Important Things to Keep in Mind

anti-snoring-chin-strapPeople with chronic snoring can benefit off of any type of chin strap, as it will force them to breathe through the nose, which can eliminate snoring completely. This can lead to significant quality of sleep improvement, as this chronic condition often leads to waking up sluggish and unrested. Snoring can be the result of partially narrowed or blocked airways, which leads to air going in the body to rattle against the throat and nose tissues. Most sleepers snore through the mouth, which can lead to a sore or dry throat. Snoring chin straps hold the chin closed without intruding, forcing you to breathe through the nose.

As you can tell by the aforementioned chin straps, most products are made with stretchy and soft materials to prevent itching and irritation to the skin. The stretchy material also allows the chin strap to fit any head size, and most models feature at least one hook and loop closure. For people using a CPAP machine, a snoring chin strap Australia sleeping experts claim can be especially effective. And since your mouth will be closed, air leakage will be drastically reduced, leading to better sleep quality.

Most snoring chin straps are made using neoprene, cotton/nylon blends or elastane, as these materials are soft and comfortable. Cotton/nylon blends are more breathable than other synthetic materials, but they aren’t as durable. As far as design goes, snoring chin straps come in a few designs with different closures. Some feature a single strap, while others feature two straps that fasten at the back and on top of the head. Some models come with a buckle, while others come with a hook and loop fastener. These choices are up to personal preference.

The type of material the snoring chin strap is made from will play a role in its maintenance and care. Some can be laundered in a washing machine, while others will require hand washing. Talk to your supplier or read through the instructions to see what the best way to take care of the snoring chin strap is. This will ensure the product lasts as long as possible. If you’re washing it in a washing machine, make sure you use a delicate cycle and a mild detergent. If you’re handwashing it, use warm water and mild soap. Frequent washing and maintenance are crucial to maintaining hygiene and avoiding irritation.