Baby, It’s Cold Outside: How to Dress Your Kid for the Winter

Dressing my 2-year old is always a challenge. He’s so lively, that I can’t get him to sit still while I put all his clothes on. In fact, I need to chase after him every time. But I’m not complaining as that’s probably the secret to how I lost all that weight. However, the thing I found more difficult is picking out what he should wear. Especially during the winter. After all, I want my baby to be warm and cosy and without looking like a puffy snowman and getting overheated. But I’ve found the following tips to be very helpful in putting together all kinds of stylish and practical winter outfits.


Warm Outer Layers

Unless you live in the Arctic and it snows every day, investing in a snowsuit isn’t necessary. For those rare and joyful occasions when it snows, a waterproof parka with built-in insulation can provide enough protection. What’s more, a toddler won’t have much of a need for waterproof and windproof outerwear as I’m sure no parent will let his child get exposed to harsh winter weather. For those short chilly walks in the park, warm fabrics will work much better. With that being said, kids jackets made of plush faux fur that provides plenty of insulation against the cold can be the perfect choice for outerwear on most days.

Although coats may offer more coverage, kids jackets are usually a better choice as they allow for more freedom of movement for running (and children always run, right?). You can find a variety of kids jackets online or at local stores, from fluffy bomber jackets, puffer jackets, and parkas for an everyday sporty look to pea jackets and leather jackets with built-in insulation. As for the pants, try to invest in pairs that are stretchy and can accommodate additional insulating layers underneath for when it gets super cold.

Comfortable Base Layers

For the base layers, comfort is key. Clothes that are ill-fitting, itchy or unbreathable can make little children uncomfortable and agitated. With that being said, always opt for natural fabrics instead of synthetic ones, as they are better at keeping kids dry. 100% cotton or bamboo shirts will feel best on your child’s still sensitive skin. Moisture-wicking fabrics such as merino wool, Polartec and Capilene are also a good choice for the base layers.

lather jacket for kids

Additional Mid Layers

Sometimes, base layers and outer layers don’t provide enough warmth, like for instance during a weekend up in the mountains. In that case, mid-weight kids jackets made of materials that trap heat such as fleece are great for adding an additional layer of warmth. What’s more, they can also be used as outerwear on warmer days when a parka is simply too much. I personally, tend to dress my kid in a mid-weight jacket for car rides as it’s a lot more comfortable than a puffy jacket, and not to mention safer.

Winter Accessories

Of course, no winter outfit is complete without the right accessories. And first – a hat. Whether it’s beanies, knitted hats, berets or kids jackets with hoods – keeping children’s heads covered and warm is essential in the winter. After all, heat escapes through the head. In addition, a shawl will help protect little noses from freezing. And don’t forget to keep your kid’s hands warm! While tucking my son’s hands under the blankets in the stroller might have been fine when he was a baby, once he was out of the stroller, mittens became a must. As opposed to gloves, mittens are much easier to put on for a toddler. So, stock up on a few pairs, because you’ll inevitably lose some. All in all, try to keep most of the skin covered, as children’s skin is especially sensitive to the cold.

Waterproof, Well-Insulated Boots

As winter is the wet season, make sure that your toddler is protected with waterproof boots. In addition, they should also be lined with some type of insulating material, such as fleece or fur inside to keep those toes warm. There’s also the option to put on wool socks if it gets really cold, however, this is not necessary with most quality boots. In addition, boots that are easy to put on and take off will help make getting your kid ready less of a hassle.

jacket for kids

Inject a Dose of Style

You don’t want your kid to experience embarrassment in the future while looking back at pics from when he/she was a toddler. So, try to inject a little dose of style into his/her outfits. Of course, this doesn’t mean to always buy the latest styles and turn your kid into a fashion icon. Something as simple as coordinating the colours right will make sure that your kid always looks stylish. In addition, the clothes should suit your child’s taste. Most kids have very specific likes and dislikes, from colours to cartoon characters and sports, so try to let them express their interests through their outfits.