Automotive Carpet: Simple yet Effective Car Interior Upgrade

As a kid, I’ll always remember my mom’s warning every time a visitor came over to take off their shoes. She didn’t want them getting the carpet dirty, yet she never said a word whenever someone entered the car with dirty shoes, even though the car floor was covered with a carpet, too. It took me a while until I realised that cleaning the car carpet was much easier than cleaning the home carpets. However, the automotive carpet is probably one of the last things we consider when looking for a new car. Most of the time, we care about the engine and the workings and components of car cooling systems, while the automotive carpet is more like something that’s just there and we don’t pay much attention to. An automotive mat plays a big role in protecting your vehicle’s floor from dirt, wear, salt corrosion and keeps your car looking clean. My favourite thing about vehicle carpets is that they can be easily removed for cleaning.

What Type of Carpets is Used in Cars?


Most vehicles come with their own thin floor mats, often perforated and made of a flimsy plastic material. Also, there are rubber and polymer mats as well, and some of them come with grooves, rubber spikes, and other corrugated sections to collect water, pebbles, mud and debris from your shoes and protect the carpet.

When the time comes to replace the carpet in your car, there are a few important things to consider. You need to find an automotive carpet specifically designed for your car’s make, model and colour. A preformed car carpet replacement is simple and easy to install, just make sure the one you buy is custom moulded to fit the floor plan of your vehicle and hump.

There are several styles of carpets used in cars and some of the most popular are moulded carpets, loop carpets and cut pile carpets. So, when the inside of your car is starting to show some wear and tear or it has lost the “new car smell”, it’s time to improve the interior of your car by choosing the type of carpet that fits your car’s floor plan.

Moulded carpets are lining every inch of a car floor, so there are no loose-fitting sections of carpet on the floor. That’s the main reason I prefer this car floor carpeting for my BMW, but keep in mind that the texture, thickness and material of the floor carpeting may differ between make and model.

Benefits of Auto Carpets

car carpet

The automobile industry is competitive and innovative and most decisions are made for good reasons. The same goes for car carpets as well. Many people have wondered about the logic behind almost every car on the market coming with carpet flooring and the following are some of the benefits auto carpets can provide for you and your vehicle.

Protect Your Car’s Metal Floor

Your car carpet mats are more than just products that provide aesthetic value. Covering your car floor can bring functional benefits as well, like protecting the metal floor, for instance. A scratched-up floor is much more difficult, and pricier to replace or repair than simply shampooing your car carpets. Additionally, they protect you as they cover the edged metal surfaces on the floor of your car.

Keep Your Car Clean


Living in these pandemic times made us all take a bit of a different approach to the world around us and hygiene levels in our home, our car and everywhere we go. Replacing the car carpets can bring health benefits by cutting down on the allergens accumulated in their fibres, thus reducing respiratory soreness. Also, removable car carpets are easy to clean which is quite beneficial if your children often spill things on the car floor or you have pets that don’t quite enjoy the ride to the vet.

Function as Sound Dampener

Car carpets work as an isolator for the vibration and noise created by driving your car, especially at higher speed. I can’t recall when was the last time I did that since my main route in the past year is from my home to the supermarket and back.

Provide Temperature Regulation

BMW carpet

From all of the benefits a car carpet can provide, I think this one is most important to me. A moulded car carpet can preserve the right temperature in the car on hotter days and keep it warm when the weather gets colder. This keeps the kids happy and when they’re happy, the ride is much more enjoyable, which is very much needed in long trips that we hope to resume soon.

Prevent Mould and Mildew

Mould and mildew thrive in warm and moist environments. And during the winter we step into our cars with wet shoes and when the heat comes on, it creates an ideal environment for both mould and mildew to be formed. The good news is that car carpets can help absorb and repel liquids, so it’s not easy for any of the two to take root and grow in your car.

Increase Your Car Value

Maybe you’ve never thought about it, but a new auto carpet can increase the value of your car if you decide on reselling it. Having a new car carpet installed is a valuable investment that can pay off in the long term.