Tips on Choosing the Perfect Gifts for Urban Men

Don’t you love receiving gifts? I, for one, love it. However, people frequently have no idea what to buy for their loved ones, and this is especially true when it comes to their male friends and family members. But, good news people, there are some shortcuts that can be very helpful if you are in a rush, or if you simply don’t have a good idea.

men extended tee

The Urban Basics

One thing people seem to neglect is that men actually like getting clothes, all of them, whether they are the never-owned-a-tie-in-my-life type or the formal-attire-even-in-bed type. Of course, with taste being such a delicate thing, it can seem somewhat difficult, but trust me, there is a way around it. Most men are very practical when it comes to clothes, even the ones that are very fashionable. One way to ensure your male friend or relative will like your present regardless of how well you understand their taste in fashion is to go for something we all have in common: our need to own a lot of t-shirts. And I really mean a lot. I can’t emphasise enough how important t-shirts are to us. In other words, even if you think they don’t particularly like clothes, whether it’s the good old classic t-shirt, a man extended tee or a long-sleeved one – I assure you we will appreciate it.

If you really want to make sure you aren’t making a mistake, try to think about their dressing style at least a little bit. And it shouldn’t be too hard, even if you aren’t too much into fashion. Do they sometimes wear loose pants, do they wear skate sneakers? If the answer is yes, then you are most likely buying a present for an urban guy, someone who prefers their casual attire or even loves streetwear. Men tees are perfect for these kinds of guys. If you want to make your gift more memorable, you can go for something that won’t be the most ordinary t-shirt.

As someone who fits the description from above, I would consider getting something like a quality streetwear style men extended tee as a gift for someone I care for. Not only would it be a practical gift which I would really use, and not have to lie about liking it, but it would also mean a lot to me knowing that they know what I would like. However, even if the person you are buying for is a little or a lot less streetwear, a t-shirt is a sure way to go.

skate sneakers

The Urban Steps

Next on the list is also a practical gift, and also connected to fashion. Shoes. Since I’m taking myself and my style as an example, I can’t tell you how much I love skate shoes. However, shoes can be a little trickier, since people are often pretty picky when it comes to them. For instance, the mere thought of me in a type of male shoes that aren’t sneakers, like some pointy male shoes or something like that, to me, is ridiculous. However, your male loved one might love just that.

In any case, most people who aren’t opposed to sneakers would appreciate getting something comfortable and quite style-enhancing (if I do say so myself). In other, buying sneakers is another great idea for your male friend’s or relative’s special occasion, and it can work for almost anybody. The trick of course is to get them something they’d like. As someone who enjoys streetwear, I think skate sneakers are perfect. Not only because they’re skate shoes, but also because they simply look good. From my own perspective, there is no one who doesn’t like them, but of course, that may be the result of my surroundings.

Shoes are a great gift for many reasons. Not only are you giving a fashion piece, but it’s also a very memorable gift. If you find shoes they really like, you can be sure that they’ll think of you every time they wear them, as well as probably brag about who bought them for them to anyone giving them a compliment.

So, if you decide to go for male shoes as a gift, you should really think about your loved one’s style, even more so than if you were buying them a long mens t shirt. If I received a pair of dress style shoes though it might be funny, I definitely wouldn’t wear them, whereas if you get me a pair of good quality skate sneakers, I’d wear them for years to come, always grateful for your thoughtfulness. In my humble opinion, if you really aren’t sure, it’s always a good idea to ask some common friend or family member that might know their taste better. And if all else fails, there is always the store’s return policy – so don’t forget to check it!


The Urban Wheels

Last on my list of ideal gifts for men: skates, scooters, rollerblades… As you’ve noticed my gift ideas have progressively grown in size and in price. But, since we are talking about urban men, I think one of these can be an ideal gift for many guys with different tastes. However, it’s definitely not a gift for anyone, though if you buy a gift as awesome as this for the right person, you’d make them very, very happy, and it would never be forgotten.

In case you are want to buy your male friend or family member something bigger and more special, by all means, go for a gift on wheels. Urban, so-called business casual guys, love electric or a regular scooter, whereas someone who’d love skate shoes and a men long tee could prefer a skate. So, if you decide to go for something like this, I recommend you do thorough research.