Save Your Furniture: Kitten Accessories to Keep Scratching at Bay

The saying goes “Dogs are man’s best friend”. But cats can be just as friendly. When they want to, of course. Cats are the cutest, but they won’t hesitate to demolish your home just for fun. If you are a cat owner, you know what I’m saying. It’s not always easy to keep up with your cat’s mischievous mood. Luckily, someone invented special pet toys and accessories to take care of cats’ scratching needs.

So, if you want to “save” your furniture from your cat’s claws, you will definitely need things like scratching deterrents, a cat scratcher, or a special mat And don’t forget about catnip. With the many pet stores, finding the right kitten accessories for your little ball of fluff shouldn’t be a hard task. The market offers products that can suit every household and kitten’s needs.

Scratching Deterrent Sprays

Cats are known to leave scents everywhere, this being their way to mark territory. It’s in their DNA and literally every cat does it, you shouldn’t be surprised. They have glands on their paws and when they scratch things they leave a specific scent. That’s why the scratching “ritual” is repetitive. They follow the scent and keep coming back to that exact spot to scratch, or sharpen their claws.

kitty laying in bed

And I learned this the hard way. My cat started sharpening its claws and scratching the chairs in my dining room. The chairs are made of velvet, and the damage started to get noticeable. I am sure that neither you nor anyone else wants a scratch-decorated kitchen, bed, vintage curtain or a modern rocking chair. That’s when desperate for a solution I discovered the scratching deterrent spray. I found that this spray is a great way to prevent this cat behaviour from happening.

Basically, what the spray does is the total opposite of what the cat does. Meaning, it counters the scent that the animal left previously. That way, the cat won’t come back to that spot to scratch, and the result is you getting to save a piece of furniture. It’s an amazing concept. I think it’s a lifesaver.

Scratching deterrent sprays are safe for the cat, and they don’t have a negative effect on other pets, humans or the environment. It’s made from a special blend of essential oils that cats find repulsive for some reason, but is completely safe and non-toxic. I can barely feel the scent of it, but it works magic on my cat. You can spray it on furniture, carpets and curtains, any affected area, and be sure that it will work.

Plus, it has a long-lasting concentrated formula, so you don’t have to spray it constantly. The best way to apply it is to hold the spray 15-20cm away from the target area and to spray liberally. This action should be repeated every 12 to 24 hours until you see the results – the cat avoiding that area. To get the most out of the scratching deterrent sprays, try using it alongside catnip spray.

Catnip Sprays

Now, catnip spray is another discovery I made, and as a fellow cat owner, you will thank me for what I’m about to share with you. For some reason, cats are really attracted to the scent of catnip. They are known to dislike strong scents but especially love this one. And I m not talking only about domestic cats. Tigers, lions and panthers adore it too. The level of attraction that cats have for catnip is insane.

What is catnip anyway? Its original Latin name is Nepeta Cataria, and it also has a few other names like catwort, catmint etc. Basically, it’s a plant that has a minty flavour, originating from the family of oregano and basil. It’s natural and completely safe. Here’s how catnip works, and how you should use it to prevent unwanted scratching.

cute kitty

Since cats are drawn so much to it, the smart thing to do is to spray the toys, scratching posts and mats, as well as your cat’s bed, to assure that those places will be the only ones affected by your cat’s claws. Pretty cool right? Catnip will encourage the cat to prefer these spots instead of your expensive furniture.

This spray is non-addictive and harmless. When applied on toys it stimulates play and the effects of it last no longer than 10 minutes. Don’t forget to shake well before use, and to keep a 20-25cm distance from the object you are spraying. Additionally, you’d also be glad to know that catnip spray doesn’t have any effect on other pets or humans.

Scratching Posts and Mats

Scratching posts and mats are other kitten accessories that will keep the cat from scratching the furniture. As I mentioned before, these things are perfect to spray catnip on them. You should strategically place them near an object the cat usually scratches. This will attract the cat to try the scratching accessories and find that their texture is even better for it to sink its claws in. In combination with deterrents and catnip, this may solve the whole scratching problem. The right accessories for cats can really make life easier.

kitten next to a wall

Posts and mats can be found in different sizes and colours and you can easily incorporate them in your home décor. In my opinion, giving your pet a good outlet for scratching is important because you don’t want to prevent it from having fun. If you want to spoil your pet to the maximum, you can also buy additional kitten accessories like different sorts of rubber toys, balls, different types of beds, collars and leads, even ID tags. Be sure to always keep your pet happy and it will give you so much more in return.