Interior Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Vehicle in Top Shape

Four years ago my wife almost bought a six-figure catamaran because of a 20 dollar contraption attached to serve as blinds to the marine window. Fortunately, the cat fares well in the performance metrics too. And the broker was a nice bloke to compare it with the other vessels we looked into buying.

Details matter. And my wife is not unaware of the technical specs as well. But sometimes these small objects that stand out in the visual clatter influence our perception. And there are some people who just can’t stand when every single element is not in its right place.

Keeping your car clean, tidy and in top shape requires some effort, but it’s not impossible. Especially if someone in your life appreciates inconspicuously clean kilter.

Car Door Handle

Car interior handle sets can either brake or fade. Neither is good to look at. And this can happen to both the outside and interior door handles. It’s vital to address the issue in the sense that you won’t be able to use the door without a proper handle. Even if there is a way to open it without fixing the handle, you might be forcing your luck. Not only are you risking having a non-operational car door, but you are also leaving a bad impression on people riding with you.

car door handles

But how do you fix a broken car door handle? There are a lot of examples online and they all require some odd skills. Your best bet would be to replace it with a compatible car interior handle. Finding the right fit is the most important part. You can find non-genuine direct replacement handles compatible with many models. You only need to check whether the car inside door handle can be installed at the front and the rear. Obviously, the handles for the left and the right side are different. Getting such a small detail in your car fixed will give you a sense of satisfaction.

Window Shades

It’s easy to forget that the Australian sun is harsh when you are in the car. And the sheer amount of time we spend inside without noticing is incredible. Getting a UV-resistant shade to protect you from the harmful sun rays is always a good idea. Even though it’s not the most obvious car interior upgrade, it’s definitely a worthy one.

The incidence of skin cancer hits new records in Australia. While there are all sorts of studies to pinpoint the exact reasons behind it, you can start limiting your exposure before the cause is established. Be mindful that not all car window shades offer the same level of protection. When you shop for car screens, check their specifications carefully. The windows in your car are different too. The windscreen and the side and rear windows are constructed differently. Although they block some of the harmful rays, adding a UV resistant tint can significantly improve their efficiency.

sun protector for car windows

Since no car window shade is able to completely block sun rays, you can also include skin protection gear in the car. For instance, you can keep a hat and sunglasses in the car and wear them whenever you are inside. Another way to approach this is to have a layer of clothing or sunscreen in your car.

Car Interior Insulation

When it comes to the cooling systems in a car, the engine and the movable components are a priority. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also consider thermal and acoustic insulation in the passenger cabin. The way air circulates in a vehicle can be quite counter-intuitive. You might think the hot stream of air you are feeling comes from a certain source, however, chances are you are wrong.

car interior insulation

So, insulation has to be done properly. The most convenient way to do this is to apply an aftermarket sound deadener or a thermal shield. They are usually self-adhesive (once you peel off the top layer) and provide formidable protection from both sound and temperature. No more droning of the engine in the interior. And no more unbearable heat inside.

Some brands offer original parts that can help you insulate your vehicle. They can be easily cut to fit into all of the narrow and tight spots in your car. You won’t need much time to install them. However, you will need time to remove some parts of the cabin. In the long run, doing this will be more than worth it because the upfront costs are low, but your driving experience will be significantly improved.