Light Up the Camping Trips: My Favourite Flashlights for Hiking

Regardless of your profession, gender and age, a good flashlight can make a huge difference in everyone’s life. But, if you like going on outdoor adventures, you know how important can a good quality flashlight be. As someone who enjoys the occasional camping trip, I know that even the simplest flashlight can make a huge difference. Personally, I believe that you can cover all of your needs for a flashlight with any of these three types: a head torch, a tactical flashlight and an everyday carry flashlight.

Head Flashlights

Headlamps have always reminded me of miners, so ever since I was a kid, I wanted to have one. And even now, they are my favourite kind of flashlights, because they allow me to go on about my business handsfree. They are lightweight, comfortable, they are very convenient, and even though they may not be an essential item, but they can make a huge difference.

head flashlight

Depending on what you need it for, you can choose from many different types, with different features, brightness, throw etc. So, to narrow down your options it’s important that before you buy a head flashlight you know exactly what you are going to be using it for. They are perfect for hiking, but you can use them for anything else. Regardless of what you are doing in the dark, whether you are running or riding a bicycle, you are walking your dog, you need to find something, check something in your vehicle and so on, head torches can be the perfect tool for you.

If you love going on adventures in nature, as I do, and you may be spending longer periods of times hiking, you should go for the highest quality possible for your budget. A quality LED headlamp for camping can be one of the most important tools in your camping gear. They are comfortable and lightweight, and much more importantly they are durable and reliable. Next, you should make sure that the hiking headlamp you are getting will be able to provide you with enough light for your needs. You can also decide not to use it as the sole source of light, and also carry a handheld flashlight in your hiking daypack or your huge backpack.

Typically, for most things, anything from 100 to 150 lumens can be adequate, but when it comes to hiking, you might want to go for a more powerful one. Furthermore, you should think about the kind of battery you prefer, and whether you go for a rechargeable headlamp or for one that uses disposable batteries, before going hiking you should make sure that you’ll have light any time you need it.

tactical flashlight

Tactical Flashlights

I love my head torch and I think is the most convenient one, but for my hiking trips, I always want to be prepared for anything. This is why in my survival gear I have a tactical flashlight. They are a common part of the gear of police officers or firefighters, many people choose them because they are considered to be the most reliable flashlight available on the market.

Tactical flashlights are the most expensive ones, for many reasons. Not only are they made of the toughest materials, but typically they offer models with the strongest light intensity, the most lumens, they come with the best batteries, and so on and so on. This essentially means that they will provide you with the strongest brightness, they aren’t easy to break at all, they’ll endure a lot, their battery can last longer, they are extremely resistant to impacts, etc. In other words, a tactical torch is the flashlight that you want to have with you should you ever find yourself in a potentially dangerous situation in the dark, whether you are out there hiking, hunting or you are camping in the woods.


Everyday Carry Flashlights

While many people use their smartphone’s torch to go through the darkness in their home or to look for something under the sofa, I believe that it’s important that everyone has a good flashlight at home. Everyday carry flashlights may not be the most powerful ones, but they can be very useful in many different situations, and even while hiking. So, if you don’t go hiking too often, and you don’t think you need a head torch or something as powerful as a tactical flashlight, an ECD flashlight can be the perfect choice for you.

They are also quite versatile, they come in different styles and sizes, and they also defer in quality, level of impact resistance, strength etc. Even though they may not be as powerful as tactical flashlights, they can be very durable and strong. Whether it’s something compact, like a pocket torch, or a larger flashlight, a good quality ECD flashlight can be a great tool not only for home use but also for camping.