Kids’ Jeans Buying Guide for Thrifty Parents

Shopping for clothes is never easy because of how many options there are in the stores, ranging in style, brand, design, price, pattern, and whatnot. However, if you thought buying things for a newborn is no walk in the park, wait until you get to do so for juniors.

It’s usually around the age of eight when kids start to experience some serious growth spurts, and even shopping for something basic like a pair of jeans can turn into a hassle. I know the struggle, so in the hope to provide you with some useful information for your next shopping, I’ve come up with the following tips.

Choose the Right Design

jeans for girls and boys

You may be inclined to purchase based on the style and looks, rather than the design, but this step is crucial if you want to make it right and buy the boys’ and girls’ jeans your kid could wear longer than a season. This way you also wouldn’t have to consider borrowing from a relative or friend, or buying from second-hand stores, and still count on a great deal.

The secret is it’s all about the fabric. Cotton denim jeans may be your first choice, and yet if you want to acquire the pair that’s virtually indestructible, can withstand the wear and tear your kid would put it through, and moreover, would provide the right fit plus the needed comfort, then your best bet would be poly denim blend with polyester as the base.

For extra stretch and that bit of flexibility your child would require during the growth spurts, I’d even recommend going for a comfy polyester design of jeans for girls and boys. While they have the denim look and stylishness, they also have the roominess for all the activities your kiddo would be doing.

Jeggings girls’ designs are the perfect in-between option offering the benefit of both jeans and leggings. For boys, you should look for durable reinforced stitching and seams, as much as an adjustable waistband that would keep up with their growth. This is also a better strategy than resorting to buying a much larger size than they currently use.

That may be the perfect solution for kids’ winter essentials like knitwear, shirts, and coats, but not exactly the most practical or fashion-forward choice when it comes to shopping for jeans for girls and boys. Honestly, have you seen what kids look like wearing jeans that are a size or two bigger? Tacky would be the least of it!

Take Your Child’s Measurements

Child’s Measurements

How do I buy jeans that fit right? Simple – measure up! Just because your child is wearing one dress size currently doesn’t have to mean it’s the exact one for a certain brand’s jeans design. Remember, sizes can differ from one manufacturer to another. To avoid any mishaps, it’s advisable to measure up the boy or girl’s waist, inseam, and torso length to ensure the perfect fit of their new jeans. You’ll need a tape measure for these.

To get the waist size correct, get the size of the natural waistline just above the hips (i.e. some inches above the hip bones). To get a more comfortable fit, hold the tape a little bit loose. That is, if you’re not buying one of the high-quality jeans for girls and boys that come with an elastic waistband.

This is also where you should check the pant rise, which is the measurement that would give you an idea of comfort and fit for when your child will be sitting down. While your boy or girl is standing straight, have his or her knees slightly bent so you can check the measurement on the top of the hip bone and down to the hem, then subtract the two numbers to get the exact number you’re looking for in jeans.

For the hem, it would be useful to have an idea prior to this with the measurement of the inseams. To do this, you’d have to get the number of the distance between their inner thigh all the way down to their ankle. Depending on the design of the jeans, some have the waistline a little below the kids’ natural waist so it wouldn’t hurt to also measure your child’s torso length.

Measure up from the belly button to the hipbone, specifically to where you’d like the jeans’ waistline to be or compare to where it fits on a chosen design. This way you can be sure you’re buying something that would fit your child right, so you won’t have to spend more money on a new pair that soon.

Shop During Sales

two girls shopping and looking into bags

There are some periods throughout the year when it feels just right to go on a shopping spree. Whether it’s one of the November deals or winter sales, you should use the opportunity to buy more than a pair of your ideal designer jeans for girls or boys. If you and your kid agree on a specific design, why not use the opportunity to buy two pairs? One could be in your girl or boy’s current size, and the other could be a size or two up.

Take Care of the Jeans

Washing jeans

Trying to save up by choosing a durable design in the right fit during sales won’t mean much unless you also take proper care of your child’s bottoms. No matter whether it’s 100% cotton or polyester denim, or a blend of the two with additional materials, caring after them would ensure their longevity, and even make them usable for more seasons than expected.

It’s important to carefully follow the washing and ironing instructions offered by the manufacturer. Avoid washing the jeans too frequently, and in case of stains, treat them on the spot instead with some mild detergent and a soft toothbrush. When washing and line drying in the sun, it’s recommended to do so with the jeans inside out to prevent fading.