Reasons to Invest in a Rotary Clothesline

I’m sure I’m not the only one who noticed their clothes have shrunk due to higher heat drying. This occurs often, especially when I don’t have the time to separate delicate from cotton and vice versa. And because of this issue, I’ve decided to invest in a rotary/umbrella clothesline. And while there is the alternative of stationary clotheslines, I opted for a rotary one since it seemed the more convenient choice. Instead of moving around a stationary clothesline, with only one push I can move the rotary one and proceed to hang my clothes to dry. However, there are many other reasons why I ditched the dryer for a rotary clothesline.

It Saves a Lot of Money on Energy Bills

It’s no secret that dryers are the biggest energy consumers in our home. And if you have a big family, like me, you are no stranger to doing two loads per day. Can you imagine how much energy is needed on a daily basis for washing and drying the clothes? A lot. Well, this was one of the main reasons I made the switch and my energy bills have reduced significantly ever since. Depending on your needs, you can choose an appropriate umbrella clothesline differing in size, the number of lines and different line spacing in between the lines.

It’s Eco-Friendly

eco friendly rotary clothesline
source: @hillshomeliving

If you care for the planet just like me, investing in a clothesline is another way to reduce the carbon footprint. Even if you have the most energy-efficient dryer, having one still impact the planet. So until some solar clothes dryers are invented, it pays more to line dry your clothes.

It Acts Like a Natural Home Humidifier

If you have enough space, you can invest in a smaller clothesline to install indoors. Investing in a portable clothesline is also an option. But regardless of the type, you can benefit by drying your clothes inside when the humidity level drops below 40% as this can add moisture to the air.

It Prolongs the Lifespan of Your Clothes

Except for shrinking, the heat of the dryers can also reduce the clothes’ lifespan. This is not the case when you dry your clothes on a clothesline. Plus, when drying on a clothesline you won’t have to worry about your clothes getting overly wrinkled. If drying them in the dryer and you don’t remove them immediately when completely dried, wrinkles are inevitable.

You’ll Get Your Vitamin D Naturally

mother hanging clothes on a rotary clotheslines
source: @hillshomeliving

Did you know that we need from 5 – 30 minutes of sunlight on our body twice a week in order to produce Vitamin D? This, in fact, is the reason why newborns receive vitamin D through the mouth for about a year. This vitamin is paramount as it helps the immune system to fight illnesses. So, by hanging clothes on the line, you will be able to get the needed dose of vitamin D the natural way on a daily basis.

It’ll Help You Burn Calories

hanging clothes on umbrella clothes dryer (1)
source: @hillshomeliving

A clothesline is like a gym device, an equipment piece that can help you burn calories. Thanks to my smart fitness watch I’ve noticed that I can burn around 130 calories per hour when hanging clothes to dry. This is possible thanks to the constant movements you make when hanging clothes.

Your Clothes Will Smell Fresher

There’s no doubt that drying clothes outdoors is way better than doing it indoors. Instead of letting the overpowering smell of fabric softener linger in the fabric, the air and sun will get rid of most of the smell, making your clothes smell fresher. Besides this, the sun can remove dust mites, fungi and bacteria from the clothes, which is another reason why line drying is more beneficial than drying your clothes in the dryer.

Interesting Fact

During the years, line drying has become quite popular in Australia. However, other countries like Japan and Italy are also following this trend as it’s far more affordable and cost-effective.