LED Lighting Strips: A Versatile and Functional Lighting Solution

In less than a decade, light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, have redefined how homes, businesses, and even local governments approach and measure illumination.

Semiconductor-powered LEDs provide a direct light source that’s more compact, lasts longer, and consumes less power than traditional halogen and compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs. Any of these factors alone should be enough to encourage most people to consider LEDs, but together they make a compelling argument for why now’s a good time to rethink your interior and exterior lighting.

SAL has been Australia’s leader in LED technology since 1998, and they’ve created one of the most innovative lighting product lineups found anywhere in the world. They’re true pioneers of LED lighting, and you’ll be amazed by how much they can help you spruce up your home or office lighting.

LED Lighting Strip.
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Remake Your Living and Working Spaces with SAL LED Lighting Strips 

From luxurious residential track and batten lighting, to stylish architectural and flood lighting, SAL is no stranger to ground-breaking LED solutions. That’s why when you’re looking for ways to add new depth to old spaces in your home or office, programmable SAL LED strip lights are the perfect complement for your other contemporary lighting fixtures.

Let’s be honest: while there’s no shortage of LED talking points, at the core they’re about saving money and energy. Their natural, low-power efficiency means:

  • They’re not burdened by the costly loss of energy on heating gases and metal filaments to produce light;
  • They don’t emit a dangerous level of heat that can damage surrounding features or fixtures; and,
  • They’re capable of lasting 5-10 times longer (https://www.energyrating.gov.au/document/fact-sheet-led) than their halogen and CFL counterparts.

These are the reasons why high-quality SAL LED lights are so highly respected and so widely accepted. You can safely and conveniently install SAL LEDs in locations that might not be feasible or even possible with traditional lighting sources, and the subtle but striking effect they’re going to have on your living or working environment will astound you.

Flexible LED Strip Lighting Provides the Accents You Want 

Adhesive-backed, SAL LED strips come in 12V – 24V DC variants, and are recognized for their superior indoor and outdoor lighting outputs. These Bluetooth-capable strips are plug-in ready, dimmable, and also feature:

  • 6W – 20W LED output (the equivalent of 50W – 200W halogen);
  • IP20 – IP65 protection rated from water and moisture intrusion;
  • Corresponding IP-rated driver;
  • Roll lengths up to 50m; and,
  • 5mm – 10mm widths.

Along with SAL’s high luminosity neon strips, you can easily create custom-length LED strips by cutting and splicing them at the appropriate points; and they come in a range of colour temperatures that include:

  • Warm white (3000K);
  • Cool white (4000K);
  • Neutral daylight (5000K);
  • Daylight (6000K); and,
  • Selectable RGB tones.

Regardless of whether you’re using SAL lighting strips as standout trim behind architectural details, along staircase overhangs, or as backlighting for shelving or a home theatre, these lights will let you flexibly create the precise atmosphere that you want. And when used in conjunction with other LED lighting products from SAL, you can change the entire mood of your home or office while also making it more energy efficient.   

Different ranges of colour.
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An Exciting Range of LED Solutions for Any Space 

When it comes to LED lighting products that invigorate as well as they illuminate, SAL has a full range of LED solutions that are the ideal choice for when you’re replacing old fixtures or blown lamps. SAL’s exciting lineup of premium range LED lighting includes:

Adding Lamps Brings Warmth and Depth

From vintage, champagne-colored deco style lamps to modern opal tubular and spherical shapes, SAL lights the way with a selection of dimmable, high efficiency lamps and bulbs that fit all common base types and come in a full range of outputs and colour temperatures.

Downlights Bring Everything Into Focus

Downlights are typically installed in residential ceiling fixtures, and the SAL LED downlight collection includes a full array of recessed and surface-mounted ceiling lights with selectable colour temperatures, dimmable functionality, and sensor control.

Overhead Panels and High-Bays

SAL LED panel and high-bay lights are designed for commercial and industrial ceilings taller than 6m, are capable of producing up to 180W LED output (1300W halogen), are IP65 rated for serious outdoor use, and are fully dimmable and programmable.

The Elegance of Oyster Lighting

The graceful, ceiling-mounted SAL oyster light collection consists of a wide range of fixtures designed for both indoor and outdoor use, and featuring a broad assortment of colour temperatures and options such as dimmable programmability and sensor integration.

Staying Safe With Floodlights

The SAL LED floodlight selection includes an extensive assortment of small, medium, and large interior and exterior LED floodlights for residential and commercial spaces, with up to 250W LED output (1455W halogen), along with selectable colour temperatures, dimmable programming, and sensor control.

In short, SAL’s lineup spans the full scope of 240V AC LED lighting products needed to illuminate any residential or commercial environment. SAL also manufacturers a complete roster of accessories to manage their lighting solutions, including:

  • Power drivers and control gear;
  • Sockets, and analog and digital dimmers; and,
  • Motion and step-dimming sensors.

SAL technology even makes it possible for you to control your lighting remotely with digital Smart Home controls. You can fully automate all of your lighting solutions in one short afternoon, but you’ll be saving money and energy for years to come.

LED Floodlight.
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SAL’s PIXIE and PIXIE PLUS Let You Control Your LEDs, Your Way

SAL’s multifunctional PIXIE and PIXIE PLUS are the cutting edge of home lighting automation. And not only are they designed to let you take control of all your light accessories via Bluetooth Mesh or a WIFI connection, you can even control the lighting at multiple locations all from a single device. 

PIXIE smart switches, dimmers, and timers are perfect for automating residential lighting scenarios with the push of a button using either Bluetooth or remote control. The PIXIE PLUS plug and play gateway and the PIXIE PLUS app even let you take your convenience to the next level with smart device integration. You can control your lighting from anywhere in the world through the PIXIE PLUS app, and it’s even compatible with Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa voice control devices.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, there’s no obscuring the fact that halogens, CFLs, and most other types of lighting have been largely rendered obsolete by LEDs. No where is this more evident than in home and office illumination, where careful combinations of different types and temperatures of LEDs are able to create environments that are as well lit, as they are inviting. 

Starting with programmable SAL LED strip lights, you can begin to transform your home or office into a more inviting, more interesting space that’s both cost and energy efficient. It’s an easy spruce up that you’re going to get an instant boost out of, and you’re going to want to install LEDs in all of your living and working spaces.