How to Style the Nike Dunk High: A Fashion Guide to the Most Hyped Sneakers

There has been a surge in popularity for Nike Dunks recently, with an increasing demand for their limited releases. As a result, these sneakers are selling at a rapid pace. With a wide range of colourways and textures available, everybody immediately recognises Nike Dunks for their bold and vibrant hues, which can make it challenging to match them with an outfit. 

That’s why whether you’re a longtime fan or a recent convert, we’ve got you covered with our ultimate guide to rocking the Dunks High. From casual to dressy, we’ll show you how to elevate any outfit with these versatile kicks. Get ready to turn heads and strut your stuff in style.

About This Iconic Sneaker

Looking back, the classic Nike Dunk High collection was first introduced in 1985 as a basketball shoe. It drew inspiration from the earlier Nike Terminator and features a high-top silhouette for ankle support and stability on the court. The design was a collaboration between Nike and Peter Moore, who also designed the famous Air Jordan.

While initially designed for basketball, this iconic sneaker gained significant popularity outside the sports arena. In addition to the rabble and the baseball players, Dunk High reached the skaters. It underwent a revival in the late 1990s and early 2000s when kick enthusiasts started wearing them for their unique style and aesthetics. The sneaker’s popularity soared as it symbolised self-expression and fashion-forward streetwear.

The breakthrough was similar to that of the Adidas Superstar in music and film. ‘The Mix Crew’ album cover from 1987 features Dunk High in the foreground. Additionally, Dunk High was shown in Spike Lee’s “School Daze.”. 

Where Can You Buy Them?

Nowadays, there are so many online sneaker shops that sell counterfeit brands that it’s crucial to research the legitimacy of the retailer before making a purchase. 

Therefore, opt for stores that sell hand-selected sneakers that have undergone a rigorous authenticity programme and only work with the world’s most trustworthy wholesalers. These stores have a verification crew inspecting every product that arrives at their premises, checking the legitimacy of every product. 

When you choose your Nike Dunk High sneakers from a sneaker store that exclusively sells 100% authentic and verified items, you can be sure to get original Dunks and an authenticity guarantee. 


How Do You Style Nike High Dunk?

High-top shoes require a little more attention when choosing an outfit. Because of the sneaker’s higher cut, tossing anything on simply isn’t possible. Once you have the basics down, planning a Dunk High outfit is simple. 

As with the Dunk Low, you want to wear something more casual. Avoid fitted or slim clothing if you’re chunkier, as it won’t look the best. For the Dunk Highs, cargos, sweatpants, or baggy jeans are the ideal coordinating bottoms. We’ve included a few Nike outfit suggestions below, both men’s and women’s, to showcase the best way to wear the Dunk High.

Styling Ideas for Women

Women’s sneakerheads, enthusiasts, and collectors have elevated the art of sneaker styling by wearing outfits that go far beyond a T-shirt and jeans to showcase the Nike Dunk. (However, there is nothing wrong with the traditional pairing.) This summer is the time to attempt and get a pair if you haven’t got the chance to do so yet.

With Oversized Puffer and Sweatpants

With Dunks High attire, less is sometimes definitely more. A straightforward yet highly fashionable Dunk high shoes “Vast Grey” ensemble with a silver puffer and grey-white roomy bottoms is comfortable without pushing too hard. It’s crucial to remember that the various textiles fit together effortlessly, which the tones also contribute to highlighting. Another standout feature of this ensemble is the light grey and white colour scheme, which we firmly endorse. 

With a Suit

Who said a suit needed to be elegant? A pair of Dunks can give your regular business attire a little edge. You’ll be sure to draw the admiring glances and head-turning glares you deserve when you enter any room.

With a Pleated Skirt

The pleated mini skirt is here to stay, just like Nike Dunks. For this chic schoolgirl appearance, combine your favourite trends. The way the pleats bounce when you walk is a guaranteed head-turner – with subtle wavy lines along the bottom hem, this look is timeless. And there are plenty of other ways to wear it – pair it with a boxy t-shirt for a casual vibe, or dress it up with a cute blouse and statement sandals.

With Tie-Dye

No matter the colourway or the team-up, Nike Dunks can inspire you to be creative. The enjoyable tradition of tie-dying is still popular today. You can’t miss whether you go for the favoured sweatsuit or a slip dress. This trend has taken the internet by storm, so experience the fun and make a statement in various hues arranged in a tie-dye pattern.

With Baggy Jeans

We adore how a Dunk’s straightforward design contrasts with its baggy form. Sometimes shoes can give the impression that your feet are much larger than they are, and this outfit mix is the stylish solution. The sheer comfort of this look is unmatched – the fabrics don’t have to be overly fitted, allowing you to move with ease. Rock a plain white tee and leave the statement colours for your kicks – and let them do the talking.


Styling Ideas for Men

The Dunk shoe goes well with any appearance, whether casual or tailored. Guys, keep reading to learn styling hints and tips!

With Jeans

What could be better than matching your favourite pair of timeless jeans and Nike Dunks? The crisp lines of the Nike Dunk wonderfully complement the rough denim feel. 

A tapered or slim jean style looks fantastic with Dunk high-top shoes. You can opt for a pair of your go-to skinny jeans, with a bomber jacket or even an oversized hoodie, and some Dunks for a contemporary street look.  If you decide on a colourful pair of shoes, keep the rest of your outfit simple and earthy in tone.

With Cargo Pants

Besides jeans, cargo pant is another option. Military cargo pants, renowned for their comfortable design and large pockets, combine well with Nike Dunks. Put on a graphic tee underneath a flannel overshirt and a pair of black or khaki cargo pants for the look. 

Complete with chains around the neck, a baseball cap, and black and white Dunks, also known as the panda colourway. As long as they complement the rest of the ensemble, you don’t necessarily have to wear clothes that match the colours of the shoes. Stick to earthy hues like brown, cream, beige, khaki, and grey to create a monochromatic look.


With Sweatpants

Look no further than here for casual, cosy ensembles that scream style and cosiness. Sweatpants may keep you warm and fashionable, especially during the winter. They’re the ideal choice for days when sloth rules because they are perfect in all colours, notably off-white, black, beige, and grey.

To make the ensemble look easier cool, pair it with the Nike Dunk. Unmatched socks can provide a splash of colour. Knit jumpers, cosy sweaters, and oversized hoodies are all in. Black sweatpants, a beige hoodie, and a bucket hat make for a warm yet incredibly stylish ensemble. The Travis Scott-designed Nike SB Dunk Low may make the outfit stand out.