Men Sneakers: A Rising Market and a Guilty Pleasure

I constantly hear women talk about shoes and how they’re addicted to them, and how they must buy that new pair of whatevers. Up until recently I used to think “Woah, they must be spending a ton of money on shoes – that can’t be healthy and financially smart”, until I took a look at my own collection and I realized that I’m a sneakerhead, and I’ve probably got as many, if not more, shoes than most women that boast about them! Then it hit me that most of my friends have a ton of shoes too, which finally made me come to the realization that shoes are an addiction for both men and women alike.

man wearing black teva trainers

And it’s not like men obsessing over shoes is a new trend. I’ve been an undiagnosed sneaker addict since the 90s when the first Air Jordans came out. I’ve probably gone through over a hundred pairs of sneakers since then, and my last couple of purchases in the last few months have proven that the addiction hasn’t reached a tipping point yet. In fact, I think it’s getting worse, because now I’m earning more money than I used to, and sneakers have become much more available to everyone, thanks to the world of online shopping. While having a few pairs of quality mens shoes sneaker that are comfortable and versatile so that you can wear them on different occasions is great and all, try not to fall into the same rabbit hole that I did.

All of the targeted ads on social media and all over the internet certainly don’t help as well. There are tons of ads wherever you turn – Instagram, Facebook, and Google are all in your face with the newest mens shoes sneaker models that you “must have” at an insanely discounted price. And while some of those ads are fake scams, there are also many of them that are legit. Try to buy just what you need at a reasonable price – trust me there are a lot of good brands and online retailers that are not trying to rip you off. It’s definitely worth trying to find some of these online stores and shop from the comfort of your home.

mens shoes sneakers

Things like these are especially important to teach to youngsters who are more likely to fall for scams and end up buying fake shoes at a ridiculously high price. And for parents, it’s even more so important to tell their children that no – they can’t have the $1000 Yeezys, no matter how much of a genius they think Kanye is.