Curb Appeal: What’s In a Home’s Value?

There’s no way about it, properties are the reflection of the owners. This is why curb appeal is of such importance for a home’s value. I wasn’t one of those who cared much about curb appeal let alone do something to add to it, however thinking about it long-term, I realised if I ever wanted to sell my property and expect to really earn from this, I would have to invest in the looks first.

In the end, even if I don’t get to sell it, I would still have something to boast about, and that’s also a plus. As it’s said beauty is in the details, and it’s not just about looking at things from the big picture, but delving with the smaller bits and in this case, starting with the mail. If you want to stand out from the crowd, get custom mailbox. That’s what I did and I certainly don’t regret it.


There are vast options nowadays, so you can have a say in the end-product and differ from the rest in how you receive mail, creating something new. Tailored to suit your preferences and the environment, custom mailbox designs is timeless, made of carefully chosen materials, like timber or stainless steel, so it is worth every dollar spent. Furthermore you can have it painted, stained, or engraved to update the look.

Though not many like trees out of fear they demand too much care, I couldn’t let the home beautifying process carry on without the addition of trees, because not only do you get to enjoy their lovely shade, you get to enjoy the privacy they provide, as well as cut down on electricity bills due to the enhancement of insulation they bring about. I am in love with my weeping cherry tree and red leaf Japanese maple.

I immediately felt the difference with the heating in winter and cooling in summer, as trees help cool the home when hot, and warm when cold. Besides, when in doubt, I can always count on the help of professionals to check them up, and advise me on the fertilisers, watering, and pruning.

While some ornaments wouldn’t hurt either, I haven’t decided which to introduce to the yard yet, but I did leave it to lighting to do the magic and light the aesthetics up. The outcome is better than expected as I also count on more visibility and safety, plus I happen to see passers-by enjoying the view of my colourful trees, and I suspect they are going to copy the aesthetics themselves.