Streetwear Shoes: Comfort Looks Like Wallabees!

We use them every day, whether it’s getting out of bed, getting ready for work, going to work, doing errands, getting back from work, going shopping, running, hiking, dancing… yes, we put our legs through daily stress and we don’t pay them as much attention as they deserve until some problem arises.

Don’t get me wrong, I love high heels, too much even to the point of letting them injure me for so long, but it took me years of wearing them to finally learn they really were badly affecting my feet, legs and health in general, so making the transition to sneakers came out of the need of comfort.


Sneakers make you get creative in trying to find the ways to use them with as many outfits as possible, both formal and casual alike, but the thirst for change yet seeking the same amount of comfort led me on another quest for suitable footwear through the wide range of streetwear shoes, right to the timeless and ever-so-stylish moccasin inspired Wallabees.

I fell in love with them not only because they’re popular, having a story of success in the world of music for decades, with bands like the Verve and nowadays specifically with hip hop thanks to names such as Wu-Tang Clan, Kanye West and Drake, as well as TV screens with famous protagonists like Walter White from Breaking Bad (, but also because of how fashionable they are with their effortless classy appeal I can’t get enough of.

I won’t exaggerate when I say they’re the statement piece my outfits needed, steering me away from dull looks. They’re streetwear shoes designed for more than just the street as they come in quality that doesn’t wear out soon or easy, and best of all is they’re as comfortable as they appear to be so my feet approve of them too! Just because men seem to wear them more often doesn’t mean women’s can’t either, they’re equally ideal for men and women’s outfits.

Though both my husband and I have a pair of Wallabees, if my size was compatible with his I’m pretty sure I’d be wearing his too but since it’s not I have a sense I’d be doing some shopping and getting my second pair soon. Though my favourite are the combinations with jeans, I must say I like the way they add some interest to my skirt matching the natural crepe sole.