How to Dress Like a Skater

We all wear skate apparel, skater boys, or not. When I was a teenager, I learned how to ride a skateboard, so even though I know what a kickflip is and you maybe don’t, that doesn’t mean you can’t rock the skate apparel. 
Skater style began to develop in the ’60s and ‘70s when skateboarding first boomed. Somewhere in the ‘90s, skating transformed into a global phenomenon and the widespread adoption of the skate culture and fashion began. The skater style is all about practicality and comfort, characterised by loose and functional clothing that is appropriate for the sport and provided some protection as well.
These days the look is on-trend again and very often skate clothing pieces are on the list of perfect gifts for urban men and major designers and brands are embracing the skater style. 
Its aesthetic is still casual and carefree, so even if I’m not riding the skate anymore, I still enjoy updating my wardrobe with some new skate clothing pieces. After all, skate wear is more than just a trend. It’s a fashion option that offers something more individual and resonates with people of all ages, so it’s never too late to add some skate clothing pieces to your wardrobe and get a cool new look.

Tips on How to Build Your Skate Wardrobe

Dressing like a skater is quite simple, but today, there are plenty of choices when it comes to skating clothes and you could easily get overwhelmed. The right shoe is essential, classic, yet casual, so you can start from there. Then, you can find a wide range of skate apparel and build your wardrobe step by step.

skateboarding clothing style


I mean who hasn’t owned a pair of slip-on checkered Vans at some point in their lives? Very often, the shoes can be the most expensive part of the look, but the most important, too. Your feet are the link between you and your skateboard, so you need to make sure your shoes will allow you to ride in comfort and protection. 
Skate shoes are not as same as an average sneaker. They are durable and designed for comfort. All of them have a flat sole, which gives you a nice cushion to dampen hard landings. A fine pair of shoes is considered the ultimate connection with the style and needs to be selected carefully.


Graphic tees are the most essential element of the skater style a perfect way to get the look without putting too much effort into it. Loose, oversized designs with a brand name, slogan or logo is a great choice. I still keep my first Volcom t-shirt, it’s red, with a crew-neck cut and I am often wearing it with other layers. Layering is an important part of the authentic skate style, so if you want to maintain it, don’t be afraid to layer your tee with an open overshirt.

skateboarding t-shirt


I don’t know if there is anything better than skate shorts for the summer. They help you stay cool and look stylish at the same time thanks to their loose fit and unrestrictive design. For a more casual look, you can opt for cargo shorts with large pockets, but if the occasion calls for a more modern flair, then you can choose a pair of chino shorts that are cut long and wide, so you will keep the skater aesthetic in your appearance.


Skate pants are easy to move and are all about comfort and durability. Cargo pants are a great choice if you want to rock the look. 


In my opinion, hoodies are a skate staple and will hardly ever go out of style. I know a lot of people who wanted to try the style without overdoing it and their choice was always a hoodie. It can be paired with a variety of pants, it’s comfortable and great for casual wear or added beneath your coat in the cold weather. To get the look right, you can choose a hoodie with a graphic print or a logo on the front.

skateboarding hoodie


For me, skating was a year-round sport. Even though it was not always a good idea to ride around when the ground was wet as my bearings were suffering and I had to explore all the different types of wheels out there, the rain couldn’t stop me. However, some of my hoodies used to weigh me down, so a sweatshirt was always a great alternative for cold days.


To complete your skate look, you may consider adding a few accessories. They are all simple, but very cool, like a classic wallet chain, for instance. I am not wearing it anymore because I feel like I’m too old for it, but nothing can stop me from wearing my backpack and my logo cap. 
One important thing that every skater should know is to choose the right socks. You can still wear tube socks even if you are not riding the skate, but if you are, make sure to wear the proper pair of socks to help you keep the grossness to a minimum as a skater’s feet can get pretty gnarly after a day of riding. Avoid wearing cotton socks because when not wet, they don’t dry out easily. Instead, choose socks that are breathable and have moisture-wicking properties.