Organic Trends: Add Organic Sparkling Wines on Your Daily Menu

I’m a person who doesn’t shy away from following trends just because of ending up seeming like I don’t have a say in things, and I have what you’d call herd behaviour. If the trend happens to be doing me good, as much as my family and the environment, I don’t see a reason why not to make it part of my life.

Organic Sparkling Wine

From all the trends that have made their impact on the world in recent years, it’s the all-things-organic trend that has gotten my particular attention. It seemed more difficult to implement it in my daily life because it requires you to do some drastic changes, but once I gave a small vegetable garden a try, it went easier from there.

When you get involved in growing your own food, or at least part of it, you invest your effort and time, which makes you more interested in finally making the switch – well apart from finding out what you benefit from organic foods. And once you do make the switch, get ready for more organic changes. As a huge fan of having a glass of fine wine with my meals, I couldn’t wait to reap the benefits of organic wine.

Life Calls for Some Bubbly

As organic food and organic wine are a match made in heaven, one of my latest obsessions is trying to come up with tasty recipes and match them with fun organic champagne Australia wine regions provide. Who said you need a special occasion to have some bubbly? My motto is every day is special on its own, even more when going through a pandemic!

As it’s made of both red and white grapes, champagne and other sparkling wines offer the same health benefits such as improvement with the blood vessels, prevention of blood clots, and lowering the risk of strokes and heart illnesses. More so when you also don’t have any nasties in such as manmade chemicals.

Organic Sparkling Wine

Dishes with Sparkling Wines

I can’t single out if I prefer one type of wine over another – I’ve simply grown to like them all. Since I don’t know what you, dear reader, prefer too, I offer you the following foods I like to combine the different organic sparkling wine options.

Champagne with Clams

I don’t need to elaborate on the outstanding combination of seafood and bubbly as it’s the perfect harmonious blend of tastes. If you aren’t a fan of clams, I suggest you give oysters a go as the similar choice. Now, moving on to the dish, our favourite at home is pasta with clams, and we’ve already had fun trying out tagliatelle, as much as spaghetti and fettuccine and they all tasted incredibly – especially when paired with the festive organic champagne Australia round shops offer. We’ve tried pairing with Pinot Meunier as well as Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes, and they’ve all been great picks for clams.

Of course, for the intense notes of citrus, spice, and exotic fruits of the bubbly to truly stand out, we decided we have to make sure the ingredients in the dish are also organic so we always shop for fresh clams locally the day of the cooking. When it comes to herbs, we pick up thyme and parsley from our own garden and sprinkle them over the pasta. Don’t fret if you don’t have green thumbs, shop for organic herbs around and you’d make a true difference for your palate, and health!

Prosecco with Turkey

Ah, the Veneto region! Besides amazing with its rich culture, art and history, it’s also famous for the special Prosecco that’s often the choice for light courses of healthy snacks with nuts, vegetables like stuffed mushrooms, and roasted tomatoes, and all sorts of cheeses. Great as an option pre-dinner, with dinner, as well as with dessert, the combination I most enjoy is when I pair it with turkey.

If you prefer chicken over turkey, again you won’t be wrong in choosing this sparkling wine. Best of all is you can have fun as I did with using the wine even as your main ingredient when preparing the poultry to enjoy more of the intensified crisp flavours. Trust me, you haven’t lived until you’ve tried Prosecco-poached turkey with thyme gravy!

Organic Sparkling Wine

Rosé with Brunch

Much like the delicious organic champagne Australia shops have, you won’t be disappointed with sparkling rosé when it comes to dishes you can combine it with. It’s truly a versatile option, and it’s perfect for anything from desserts, and snacks, all the way to fried foods and seafood. Though I’ve had my share of rosé with all of the above, my personal favourite is pairing it with brunch.

If you’re the type of person who likes to brunch instead of eat breakfast and then lunch, you can make things tastier by adding bubbly in the mix. I can’t get over the incredible flavours of drinking it with baked eggs in tomato sauce, plus prosciutto and ricotta, various homemade pastries and artisan breads with organic flour, and lastly protein pancakes.

If you like keeping it even more traditional and organic, you could make your own nutritious flour with specialised grinders. This is next on my organic trends’ list!