Home Décor: Styling My Non-Working Fireplace

Don’t you just love the way a fireplace makes a home look and feel warmer and more inviting? Ever since I was a little girl, I enjoyed watching Christmas films with my family and always marvelled at the sight of a fireplace as it represented the heart of the home, the very spot that symbolises togetherness.

whatching christmas films near fireplace

You might as well guess I have one in my present abode, which fits in perfectly with the Scandinavian hygge elements, in the example of reclaimed solid oak wood floor and chunky knit blankets. Even though I don’t really get to use it to heat up my nest, it still has a significant role in making the interior cosy, and at the same time intimate with its aesthetics.

The sight of it brings me comfort, as it reminds me of the childhood days filled with happiness and festivity. And yet, I have to admit it’s been a long time since I really took a good look at it, so much so that it starts feeling a bit out of place after all the recent décor changes I’d made. While I’m still working on my budget, I’ve already gathered up some ideas on how to refresh this crucial focal point in my living space.

Tile Makeover

Tiles are always trendy, but certain styles vary in popularity as time passes by. Though I like the tiles mine already has, I still can’t help but want to make an upgrade with new fireplace tiles that offer plenty of interest with their textures. The floral ceramic hand glazed and kiln fired options amaze me with their uniqueness, colours and shades, so I might give them a try because I’m sensing they’d add just the right dose of décor my fireplace needs.

make an upgrade with new fireplace tiles

The alternatives I’m also eyeing are white marble and black granite backpieces. As great as black looks in the interior, since it provides a sense of drama, I have a feeling I’d still go for the white marble eventually because of its delicate texture with timeless appeal. Not to mention, the white colour makes the interior seem more open too, and marble is still trendy same as some years ago when all the craze started.

Paint Project

Okay, there are times when I’m into DIY and times when I can’t even move a muscle out of being lazy. I like the idea of having the bricks inside repainted (either black or white), more so now that with the raw beauty of industrial style they’re back on the trend scene for the last five years or so. If I’m being honest, somehow I find that not to be my cup of tea as much as the change of fireplace tiles. Despite this, I’m not discarding the idea of using this in my décor upgrade project, as there’s the possibility I might combine it with the tile change. How does white marble backpiece with black tiles inside sound?


While it’s obvious my fireplace doesn’t work, I was thinking I could fake it with the help of a pile of logs placed inside to make it seem like I’d be using them. I’m certain the logs on their own would add to the warmth of this central piece. Another option is to count on the help of intricate screens to cover it up without actually taking away from its beauty. If I feel like unleashing my creative-self I might even give it a try to paint over a simple screen to personalise it and add some pop of colour.


Little Gallery

Since I’m a fan of little bits and pieces of decoration like vases, pots with succulents, candle holders, frames, chic bookends with my piles of books, I figured I could use the empty space inside, along with the top of the mantlepiece, and turn it into a spot of artworks – i.e. my own gallery.

pots with succulents in fireplace

This kind of décor project can work great in a combination with the change of fireplace tiles, which would further add interest to it. If this doesn’t grab my attention (for now it does in my mind) I could instead fill it up with my cute storage boxes.

China on Display

My grandmother had started up a lovely collection of china decades ago, including a big set of plates each with distinct motifs and colours, which was passed down to my mother and then to me. I wasn’t that into such collections but the sentimental value made me keep it this far, and now I’m thinking I could make use of the plates to enrich the fireplace.

More so because the floral fireplace tiles would be the perfect match for the motifs on some of the plates. Moreover, whenever I’d glance at that part of the room, it would remind me of the great women in my life!

Old-Fashioned Style

As a last resort, I’m considering the old-fashioned look of a portrait hanging over the mantlepiece, surrounded by symmetry in the form of two candlesticks; though first I would have to get my portrait done like a celebrity, or one with the whole family for a less narcissistic appeal!

family portrait-fireplace