Storage Box: A Stylish Solution for Your Storage Needs

Due to the rapid urban growth it’s not easy to handle life in the city unless you decide to downsize, both in terms of your possessions as well as the living space. I wasn’t always up for the idea of living in a small home yet not only is it more affordable, it’s also more sustainable so it’s both good for you and the environment and eventually you get used to it; Now I wonder why I hadn’t downsized earlier!

After giving my bathroom a much-needed makeover storage-wise, I was inspired to get creative with the rest of the home, especially the aspect of taking care of clutter and how to keep it out of sight neatly, the part that I simply couldn’t get rid of.

When wanting to do so it’s not all about functionality, though, considering your space is limited and you’d do best by opting for something that’s beautiful to look at too – this is something I’ve come to consider after living in a smaller space. Much to my luck I got that from the versatile and stylish types of storage box.

Since I found an extensive range of boxes I figured it would be better to go for mixing and matching instead of matchy-matchy look all over my home, buying the same box for each room. Options differ in terms of sizes, shapes, materials and even styles so what was meant to be just one or two boxes ended up being quite the shopping spree which I can’t say I regret.

Apart from the teak ladder boxes for the bedroom, looking like a really cute shelving unit that I’ve come to love, I also got a set of four handmade jute baskets and only to find out later how versatile they are. I’ve used one in the entry for the pile of umbrellas, the second in the living room to fashionably hide away the magazines whereas the third and fourth served incredibly well as storage box for plant pots along with a pair of crochet baskets.

Who would have thought my succulents would look so chic?! You’d be forgiven if you mistake some boxes for stylish bags like the jester felt basket I’ve chosen to use as the towel storage for the kids’ room. My husband and I had a good laugh after he asked me why I’d bought myself so many handbags all at once, some even the same, only to find out they were baskets.