Importance of Dual Battery Systems and Battery Boxes

Having a portable fridge, among other 12V appliances, can significantly improve your experience when camping or 4×4 touring. But in order to power your 12V appliances, you’re going to need a secondary battery, so that your main battery doesn’t go flat while exploring the outback. That being said, dual battery systems are a must for caravanners and campers who want to make their trips more convenient. Secondary batteries, also known as leisure batteries, should always be placed in a dual battery box.

When shopping for a travel trailer dual battery box, there are a couple of important factors to consider. The entire purpose of battery boxes is to enable your leisure battery and accommodate all of your needs when you’re out camping. All you have to do is fit the battery inside the box and you’re ready to use it. Further, a battery box is ideal for mounting your secondary battery in the cargo area of your 4×4, wagon, trailer, SUV or boat. You can use different 12V adapters that are included in the box, and most boxes feature Anderson plugs that allow you to easily recharge the battery using a solar panel setup for infinite, free power.

travel trailer dual battery box 2

A travel trailer dual battery box can come with a wide range of features. They can be extremely simple, or a complete power pack system that includes a charger, a battery management system, etc. One of the most important factors to consider when shopping is the material it’s made of. If possible, get one that’s made from high-quality, high-density polypropylene, as that’s a material that’s corrosion-resistant, extremely durable and outback proof.

Further, you need to make sure the battery box you get can fit your battery. While most batteries come with a box of their own, some are made to fit into most boxes. However, there are exceptions to this, and sometimes you’ll need to look for a specific type or model of a box to accommodate a battery. This is especially important for dual battery systems, as they feature a more unique design. A proper fit for the battery is essential in order to ensure it’s protected from water and dust, and so that it offers proper ventilation.

You can easily find a suitable battery box online, and as aforementioned, their price can range anywhere from a few dozen dollars up to several hundred and even up to a thousand. Usually, you get what you pay for, so the price will almost always reflect the quality and features of the box.