Fan of Scandinavian Design: A Word on Wood Floor

As you can guess by now, I’m already a huge fan of Scandinavian design interior trends. How can I not be? Along with being beautiful to look at, stylish in their own way, Scandinavian furniture pieces are as functional as can be, and fit in with every interior décor. Oh, and they aren’t going to break your bank if you decide to go for a Scandinavian interior makeover.

While it started with me falling in love with a chair, a mixture of Scandinavian mid-century, it then spread to my love with a sofa, a unit of drawers, and a TV unit, so you might as well as the adoption of Scandinavian style happened gradually with me. The next step was the addition of wood floor, made of reclaimed wild solid oak, and the more time passes by, the happier I am with the purchase.

It’s common knowledge wood floor is one of the best flooring options, because it’s durable, mine in particular as each of the boards is stabilised with strong eucalyptus core in seven layers which adds to more stability.

Wood Floor (3)

The flooring is even more charming because of the use of raw material, so you can actually see the distinct lines, knots, and grains, so every board has its authentic unique look. And of course, there’s impeccable craftsmanship used to create them.

Available in variety of colours, it’s needless to say I’ve become a fan of this flooring too, and already started recommending it, but what mostly convinced me to actually buy it was the fact it’s made of certified oak, meaning it’s eco-friendly and comes from certified woods.

I have to admit, it’s no surprise Scandinavian homes feel airy, yet warm at the same time the more they are filled with natural materials. After welcoming wood flooring, my interior has become even more comfortable, and pleasant, and budget-friendly because when you have good flooring, you don’t have to spend so much on cooling and heating – there’s good insulation.

Wood Floor (2)

Since it’s so beautiful to look at, I don’t even feel the need to cover it up; I understand why Scandinavian interior décors barely have any floor coverings. If you don’t have enough windows, to welcome more natural light, bare floors reflecting it wherever possible is a way to have more sunshine at home.

Have I had enough of the Scandinavian design? No, and I stay open to surrounding myself with more of the Scandinavian furnishings because they’ve definitely made my life better.