Why You Should Get a Glass Fence for Your Pool

For many around the globe, pools a luxury item, but when it comes to us Australians, they’re almost a necessity. We know how hot Australian summers can get and if you live in those parts of the country that have that warm, moist climate all the time you’ll know what I’m talking about.
Having a pool in your home is still a luxury, don’t get me wrong. However, even if they are a luxury and need a bunch of things to maintain, what they give back is something that many of us find priceless.

From health benefits like improving muscles and joints by providing a space to swim in every day to things as simple as being able to relax and suntan around them, I think we can all agree that if we had to choose between a house with a pool and one without one – we’d all probably go for the one that does.

Pools require a lot of maintenance, regular and thorough cleaning, a bunch of accessories to go along with them, maintaining healthy pH levels – basically things to ensure they’re safe and comfortable to use. One item I rarely see on lists like these though but is as crucial to pool safety as any other is a pool fence.

Pool Fences: What’s the Big Deal?

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A pool fence can come in handy in many situations. Especially if you have young children that don’t know how to swim yet, such a thing is quite necessary to prevent any accidents. They also help protect your backyard from splashes of chlorinated water which can damage your flooring, leaving white marks all over the place.

There are many different types of pool fences around, but the one I went for and I’d like to very highly recommend is a pool glass fence. Why? Keep on reading, I’m going to tell you all about it and then you can get your own pool glass fence!

It’s Durable

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You might be thinking, as I was too, that glass isn’t really the first material that comes to mind when you think of durability. However, when it comes to glass pool fences the situation is very different.

This isn’t ordinary glass we’re talking about. In fact, the glass used in manufacturing these fences is reinforced, sturdy glass that won’t break easily. It’s in fact tempered glass, which, as you might know from phone protectors, is quite a strong thing that doesn’t give in easily to pressure, hits, or any kind of attempted damage.

This means that, even though your fence is made out of glass, it is made as a high-quality product and is here to stay.

One great thing about these fences is the fact that you don’t receive one huge block of glass but rather a couple of glass panels attached to pigots. This is a great feature as, in the off chance one breaks, you will have to replace only that one instead of investing in a whole new fence altogether.

An important thing to mention is that this fence should only be installed by professionals so that you can get the maximum durability and suffer no accidents whatsoever.

It’s Safe

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I already went over the way these things are made and their proper installation, but one thing I haven’t mentioned yet is that there are high standards for manufacturing and selling pool glass fencing.

Australia has its own specific standards when it comes to this, so anyone who makes and distributes these fences has to follow and satisfy them. If they don’t, they don’t get the green light to go forward with selling.

This is an important thing as it assures you that the fence you’re buying is the real deal and won’t let you down. What’s more, because of these safety standards and guidelines the fences are made to not only meet them but exceed them too, adding more confidence in the product.

Unlike other fences out there that have bars or are made of other material, the glass fences are sold as panels, leaving very little space between one panel and the next. This is an additional safety feature that will ensure no children or pets fall into the water accidentally and will give you a peace of mind you’ve never known before.

It Looks Good

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Seriously, pool glass fences look amazing. They give you a clear view of your pool at all times, they don’t ruin the look of your backyard, and they don’t impose themselves on the eye. These are all features I really liked when I was researching pool fencing and they are a huge part of the reason why I went with them instead of other fencing solutions.

What’s more, they give your pool and whole backyard a sort of fancy, glam feel that you can’t get by having a pool without a fence or one with a fence of another material.

We all know that glass is huge right now in interior and exterior design alike, so including it around your pool will really step things up. As I also mentioned before, it will help keep the rest of your pool area spotless and dry, something that is highly underrated until you have to powerwash the whole flooring twice a year.

All in all, a swimming pool glass fence offers a lot of perks for a little investment and I highly recommend it to anyone who’s interested in having a safe, yet good-looking pool area and yard.