Dog Care Checklist: Everything You Need to Welcome Your New Puppy

So, you’ve finally decided on bringing a four-legged furry friend home. It took a little convincing and some back and forth but you’ve made it. You must be over the moon right now, and for good reason. We can all agree that no matter how bad your day gets, spending a cosy afternoon all cuddled up with a pup is always going to make things better.

And while you’re excitedly preparing your home for the grand arrival of the newest member of the family, you’re also worried about getting everything right. After all, apart from it being a joyous experience, it’s also a huge responsibility. At least that’s what my parents always used to tell me when I begged them to get a dog. But trust me, if I could do it, so can you.

These days, there’s a whole bunch of handy-dandy supplies that allow you to give the pupper the best care you possibly can. The hefty number of options can make deciding on which ones to get a little more difficult than expected. Luckily for you, we’ve rounded out a checklist of essentials you’ll need to practice responsible dog ownership and meet your dog’s basic needs.

Make It Comfy with Some Nice Bedding


Dogs deserve to have a designated rest space where they can snuggle up to catch some z’s when it’s bedtime or if they fancy a quick afternoon nap. A comfy bed ensures good quality sleep, leaving your dog feeling fresh, energized and ready to play afterwards. Dogs can sleep for up to 10 hours a day so they’ll definitely be needing their own space. Plus, you get to keep your furniture nice and clean, without having to deal with scratches or pesky dog hairs lying around everywhere.

The good thing is that beds for dogs come in different designs to cater to doggos of all shapes and sizes. When choosing the appropriate one make sure there’s enough room and that there aren’t any limbs hanging off the sides. If you’re keen on your dog having extra joint support, just like dog beds Australia veterinarians recommend, you can get an orthopaedic bed that will have them dozing off into dreamland in no time.

Most dog beddings are paired with a non-slip removable cover for easy washing, making cleaning after your pooch even less of a challenge. More often than not, dogs can make quite a mess so this is definitely an advantage.

While the distinction between indoor and outdoor beds is still a major point of consideration for many, investing in multi-purpose, water-resistant bedding might be more convenient. They offer high-end protection from environmental factors while providing much-needed comfort and security. Feel free to move it from your living room to your porch or backyard without worrying too much about the weather conditions.

Our personal favourites are the calming dog beds which cocoon your pet entirely with their soft raised walls and deep faux fur sleeping area, providing the ultimate safe space for anxious pets. Dog beds Australia manufacturers deem these doughnut-style beds the perfect place for snoozing and cuddling, resulting in deep rest and relaxation.

Grooming Equipment for the Occasional Trim

You can most certainly take your dog to a professional groomer to do all the legwork for you but it’s not necessary to do that all the time since there are some things you can do at home without having to pay the extra money. Doing a little trim here and there will make your groomer’s job easier the next time you bring your dog in.

Depending on your dog’s coat type, there are many different types of dog brushes and combs available. In most cases, bristle brushes will do just fine for breaking up tangles and removing excess hair. Consult with your groomer on how often you should brush your dog since the frequency depends greatly on the breed. Coupled with a pair of coat scissors or electric clippers, you’ll be able to give your furry friend a neat touch-up.

Nail trimmers are also on the list of must-have grooming items. It can be somewhat difficult to begin with, but with the right tools and proper instruction, you’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly.

Up the Safety With Collars and Leashes


Using dog collars as identification has been standard practice for quite some time now so it’s no surprise that they’ve made their way onto this list. If your pup ever gets lost, the collar tag will help anyone who finds him return him to you. Collars come in different styles so you can choose from nylon, metal or leather collars.

Leashes are beneficial since they can contribute to a well-behaved and responsible dog during walks. There’s also added safety since you won’t have to worry about losing sight of it. Besides, dogs usually get very excited when seeing their owner with a leash and consider walking together a bonding experience. You can even colour coordinate the collar and the leash to strut in fabulous fashion.

Good Boy Food and Treats


Your dog may be small but even those can work up quite the appetite. The overall health depends on the type of food you decide to give and how you give it. The right mix of nutrients, fat and carbohydrates results in a happy, healthy little friend with proper growth and development.

Give your dog treats when they’re well behaved to encourage further instances of such behaviour. They sure love those.

And just like everything else, there are lots of different food bowls you can buy and you might be wondering where to start. Plastic bowls are quite inexpensive and aren’t likely to break when dropped and stainless steel ones are the most durable and dishwasher-friendly. Either one should be alright if you ask us.

Lots of Leisure Time Toys


You’ll rarely encounter a dog that doesn’t like toys. In fact, they’ll play with almost anything they can get their furry paws on so you can’t go wrong here. Generally speaking, toys fall into three main categories: interactive, distraction and comfort toys.

Pick toys that are appropriate for your pup’s size and energy levels. They’re likely to drain themselves out and take a nap afterwards. And so could you.

Additional Health Products You Should Consider

Before adding any sort of supplements or health products to your pet’s diet, make sure to consult with a vet and see whether or not those products are advisable for that particular breed. Many veterinarians recommend getting anti-oxidant supplements, ear cleansers and dental chews to keep your dog healthy and safe.

But remember, these products are not a replacement for the nutrients your pet is supposed to get from its actual diet. They just provide an extra boost to its immune system.